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So...what did you all do this summer? - Page 2

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the Wife
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Mostly working, but took a week on the Vineyard- perfect weather- Hiked with my wife and daughter on Carter Dome, stayed at Carter Notch Hut - weather sucked as it only can in the Whites. Planted vines on the trellis at Highland Center. Grew lots of vegetables. Compromised my green ethics and Roundupped all the bamboo knoweed crap around our house. Obsessed about going to Colorado in January.
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MB in Canmore, Banff and did a bunch of Calgary path riding as well.
Did the usual hiking with the wife around Louise and Sunshine.

Pretty laid back summer actually, looking forward to the steep and deep again.
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First post!

ON the bike @ 4:30 most mornings. 300 miles a week.
Rode my(road) bike in Tuscany for 2 weeks in June.
Spent a week (road) riding in Park City, July 4th.
Lost power in Hurricane Katrina for 51 hours.
Did some awesome downhill mtn biking and hiking in PC, Labor Day weekend.
Rode 118 miles here in Florida for 7 out of the last 9 Saturday mornings.
Missed a wedding on Martha's Vineyard thanks to Ophelia.
Spent lots of time researching which skis to buy and leaning towards Volkl Unlimited AC 4s.
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non work related stuff?
but not as much as usual cause sunday am regular match (for last 12 yrs) blew out acl running down one of my forehands....
in hot pursuit of finding the slot for my backswing on my newly rebuilt golfswing....it's coming and will probably pursue it as long as the courses stay open locally, 2over for nine best result this summer, but consistent straight ball flight, nah, still working at it.....had it going that day tho...
-camping in vt
-playing lotsa blues guitar at home and jammin at blues jams...no band, my smoky bar room days are over at least for now....
-a few bike rides with the family
-managed travel team girls softball(pony 12's)couple of nice trips..tho we pretty much got smoked....the girls are still smiling.
-lotsa cookouts
-moved my kid into philadelphia for college work study program, shipped another off to local community college....

-no dog walks tho
angel, my lab dieddropped dead after our last walk together.
really sux - best friend I ever had...think about her every day.

but my life is pretty good I guess....

ready for a couple runs!
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