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Hey everyone, I was looking for some advice on my next purchase. I just moved from MA to CA about 3 months ago and i'm looking for a good setup for out west. For the past 6 or so years, I've been skiing on K2 Merlin IV's. I had a great time back east with them but they don't do so well in stuff out here. I'm looking for something of an all mountain ski (possibly a free ride ski) but let me give a little info about myself first (I'm following the FAQ).

I'm a 22 year old 175 lb guy. 5'11". From the skier ability descriptions, I believe I fall in an 7 or 8. Bumps are a weak are for me but i would like to get better. Right now I live in Southern CA (Lancaster exactly). Hopefully I'll be skiing the area's around here and eventually trips to Tahoe and stuff. Again, I'm new here so i'm not sure what to expect with conditions and stuff. The only mountain out west I've skiied has been Whistler which was absolutely insane compared to anything back east (but wasn't so nice on the Merlin's).

As far as terrain, I would like to do a little bit of everything. Back east its mostly groomed trails but i want to get into some powder and some bowls out here.

Like i said before, the only skis I own are the Merlin's. I don't have the cash to buy several pairs either. I'm hoping to get away with one good setup.

From the advice on here, I think i'll be hitting Ski Net Sports in LA to get a nicely fitted pair of boots although maybe someone could suggest a couple models for me to look at.

The skis i've been looking at have been the Legend 8000 or maybe the Apache Recon. Again, I'm looking for further suggestions as well as lengths.

Bindings are the last part. I haven't even started looking yet but suggestions are again welcome.

I appreciate any help in advance.