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Schoeller WB 400 fabrics?

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Hi all,

What are your experiences with Schoeller fabrics (specifically the WB 400). It seems difficult to find in the US - 'Gore' branding clearly is the king of the consumer markets there, but recently on a trip through asia I picked up a North Face soft shell made with Schoeller WB 400 - looking at Schoeller's website, the WB 400 is described as permanently stretchable, waterproof, windproof, and perfectly breathable (beat that Windstopper!). (http://www.schoeller-textiles.com/pd...ch_wb400_e.pdf)

Haven't had a chance to really test it out yet, on account of it still being summer, but the fabric feels really nice, light, soft, stretchable - really feels worlds better than the Gore Windstopper on some of my other shells.

I'd be interested to hear your opinions or experiences with any of the Schoeller products. Let's hope we see more of this stuff in the US.
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Schoeller products I have

Arcteryx gamma LT jacket (03 model)- Schoeller dynamic
Black Diamond Ice tool gloves- Schoeller extreme WB

Both have served me well, great when a hardshell is overkill but fleece won't cut it for keeping you dry. Extremely bomber gear (although all arcteryx/ black diamond is pretty much bomber in my experience), these two pieces have been through hell and back...I use the jacket for fall climbing and you can barely see any scuffs from 2 seasons of rubbing against rock, skiing and daily wear.

As for the prevalance of Gore-branded items, I don't know what happend. The Gamma LT (they don't make it anymore) but the 04 models had some tweeave fabric and not schoeller....maybe loss of us/canadian contracts? Who knows??
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I've got an EMS softshell that is my primary jacket for skiing. I believe it is the Schoeller 400, and have had no problems with it. Works great for me.
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I have a Schoeller Mammut New Age jacket it's great for ski touring and when the weather isn't too cold & windy or rainning. Most of the time my shell stays in the backpack as the comfort and breathability of the Dryskin fabric http://www.schoeller-textiles.com/pd..._dryskin_e.pdf makes shells feel like a plastic bag.


WB 400 (and Goretex / Goretex XCR) isn't as breathable as Dryskin

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Sorry, I know this thread is old as Jesus but it still pops up as one of the very few google results for Schoeller dryskin vs WB-400, so this should be said(not sure why it hasn't been already)


WB-400 isn't on that chart anywhere.  WB-Formula is a different material, albeit more like a hardshell.  At first I thought the camparison was bogus until I realised the difference.  Regardless, I am skeptical about the chances of EVENT having better breathabilty than a softshell, it is a great fabric but I get pretty sweaty in mine.

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I was going to place an order with beyond clothing ? does anyone know how heavy the WB400 is?

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It's not very heavy at all, I bought the cold fusion x from beyond and was suprised how cold I got with it.  Unless skiing powder, I don't throw off that much heat while skiing. 

On the other hand, I bought the softsheel pants from beyond made from WB400 and love them.

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