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Who has skied: Head XRC, Dynastar Omecarve 10, Volkl 6 Star

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Im looking to buy one of these three skis, either the Head XRC, Dynastar Omecarve 10, Volkl 6 Star. Because Im an idiot, Im living in Michigan now, which means zero chance of demoing any of these skis. Basically, Im looking for a super fun shorty carver, but has some stability at high speeds to. I love to weave in and out of short "poppy" turns, then do some GS sometimes. Powder is not a big issue here, though a satisfactory float will be ok for my trip out west evey year. Im leaning towards the XRC right now, though the 6 Star and Omecarve has made this a very tough choice. Have you gear heads had a chance to ski these skis? ALSO, I would also be interested in the Stockli SL, but Ive pretty much given up hope as they are impossible to find. So, whatever help you guys can offer will be appreciated. Skol
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Haven't skied any of those models, but I have owned Head, Dynastar, and Volkl in the past. Those aluminum rails on the 6 Star Motion scare me on a ski line that is already famous for bending. The Omecarve 10 would probably be a fun ski, but I'm not sure if I'd want it for my only ski. I haven't had any issues with the Heads yet, and I can say that they are probably the best skis I have ever owned. Of course, if I go out and bend them this season, maybe I'll be telling a different story next year, so who knows. Check out Peter Keelty's site, techsupportforskiers.com, as he gives an honest appraisal of all three. If I were going to buy skis without trying them first, I would rely on his advice above anything else. Good luck.
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Can't tell you much about the skis, but buy them from Cupolo Sports. They're BLOWING these out right now on ebay. Something like $599 but it now with free shipping and mounting of look P10's or 12's I'm not sure which. Check it out.
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The only one of those 3 that I have skied is the 6 star. If you want "poppy", you got it! The edgegrip is unreal, and the stability at speed is pretty damn good even in short lengths.

As far as the bending issue...... the rails are directly underfoot. I can't imagine any ski ever bending there. Structurally, there are no layers of metal in the 6 star, so I wouldn't worry about bending 'em.
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After demo'ing 15 different skis at Loveland over the two weekends I just bought a pair of Head iXRC skis 172cm. I was looking for a carving ski for hard snow days when I did not want to be in the moguls or trees at Mary Jane. I am 5'11" and 163 lbs. I ski 30 to 50 days a year and have been skiing for 25 years (I didn't start until I got out of college). I ski mostly at Mary Jane, A Basin, Copper, and Loveland. I ski a mixture of bumps/steeps, trees, and cruisers. My other skis are K2 Axis XPs 174cm for powder days in the bumps and trees. I also have a pair of K2 Axis Xs 174cm for regular days in the bumps and trees and cruisers.

Skis Demo'ed:

K2 Axis XT 174 cm - My second favorite, good at all turn sizes, fast or slow speeds, very quick and well behaved. Very smooth and forgiving. Skids OK.

Head iXRC 172cm - My favorite. All the attributes of the Axis XT but has better edge hold. The first run I felt I had been skiing them all season. They held on icy patches off the top of Chair 1 that most other skis I tried slid on or required a lot of effort to hold.

Atomic SX 11 170cm - Similar to the 2 above, my third favorite.

Dynastar Cross 10 178 - Nice but did not have quite as good short turns or edge hold.

Volkl 4,5,6 Star 168cm and 175cm - I had high hopes for these and even deomed the 5 star twice. I just did not like any of them. The 6 Star lacked versatility but had the best edge hold of anything I skied. The 6 star seemed to only want to make 1 turn size. The 5 Star was OK but felt nervous and suprisingly did not feel right in short turns. The 4 Star was just not exciting but still had good edge hold. No skidding tolerated by the 5 and 6 Star.

Salomon Crossmax 10 175cm - Good edge hold but not as much fun or as versatile as the iXRC or the Axis XT. It was very smooth though in medium sized turns.

Dynastar Cross 10 178cm - A nice ski. Good edge hold but not the best. Not as good in the shorter turns. Maybe the 170cm would have been better. Could possibly be OK in moguls but there were not to try.

Atomic SL11 164cm - This was a really fun ski and I liked it a lot. It was forgiving and surprisingly versatile in turn size and speed. I thought a slalom race ski would be one dimensional and demanding but these would make OK recreational free skis.

Head iSL 160cm - These were too short for me. I might have liked them better in a 165. I preferred the Atomic anyway.

Head iM75 Railflex 170cm - I also liked this ski. Lots of versatility but would be somewhat redundant with my other K2 skis. If I was looking for an all mountain midfat everyday ski I might buy this one.

Dynastar Intuitive 71 175cm - Felt sluggish and did not carve well. It might make a good forgiving bump ski though. I liked the Cross 10 much better.

Salomon Scream 8 Pilot 175cm - Felt light, nervous and jittery. Probably not a fair test for these at the end of the day on a mixture of icy patches and loose snow. Definitely a soft snow ski only.

Volkl 724 Pro 177cm - Not impressed. Wanted to do mostly long turns. Very stable busting through piles of crud. It just did not excite me. Maybe would be good at Vail for fast skiing in the back bowls. Maybe I should have tried the 170cm.

I don't know how much the individual tunes of the skis mattered. I have been on demos before where the skis were poorly tuned. I hope the ski reps realize that people use these demos to decide what skis to buy. It is not always easy to tell the difference between a ski that is just not right for a person and a ski that is poorly tuned when skiing it for the first time. It is also interesting how some skis felt a lot different than how the magazine review described them. I think an individual's skiing style is as big a factor as the construction of the ski, especially for most of us non-pro skiers.
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Well Ive actually decided to get the Stockli SL. Thanks for all the info about the others, it was a draw between the XRC and the 6 Star, but in the end, I think the Stockli's would be the best ski in this category based on what people around here tell me. Thanks for the info about the other skis though
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As a replacement for the trusty but well worn Volkl G31, based on profuse demoing last spring, I went ahead and bought the new Volkl 6 Star, 182 cm. It's what I call a 90-10 ski; more or less a 90 percent race ski, widened and mellowed 10 percent, which makes it useful for normal people.

Just got in from my 4th day on them, in some of the conditions that it's made for, including a few shiny spots where a pole plant would barely penetrate. As expected, it seems to hold exceptionaly well in any radius turn I want on just about any surface, at moderate to very high speeds, and is surprisingly reasonably forgiving. At slow speeds, it seems slightly less balky than some other comparable stiffer high performance skis. The built in rails, mounting plate and Piston Motion system has exactly the right amount of lift, definitely smoothes out hard snow, without over dampening or inhibiting the liveliness. That little bit of width, about 6 mm more than a pure piste carver, is enough to make a difference off-piste; driven aggressively, it's not bad in small to medium sized bumps and crud up to maybe half a foot, max. It's just challenging enough to be fun - all in all, I couldn't be more pleased.

So it's mostly a firm to hard snow oriented fast carver, with at least some versatility, provided you're up to it - not a "stronger intermediate" ski.

See you on the hill...!

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