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Speedpoint Demo bindings

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I've got a pair of Dynastar Legend 8000s mounted with Marker Titanium piston 1300 bindings. I'm thinking of putting Marker M11.0 Titanium speedpoint demo bindings on them so visiting friends can use them. I like these skis a lot- will this alter the preformance substantially? One shop friend is down on demo bindings on general principle as they're usually heavier and imprecise. This true of the speedpoint Tis?
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Be aware that the earlier speedpoint bindings had a flaw that meant the toe and heel could unlock and slide out along the track so your boot would just fall out of the binding. There is more info on how to identify which ones they are in the following link:


I don't think the ones you mentioned are affected but it wouldn't hurt to check for the dot.

The speedpoint Tis wouldn't be any different to any other demo bindings ie heavy and imprecise. I really can't see the point of swapping your regular bindings for demos, if your friends won't fit the bindings just tell them to rent.
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If I already had the binding I´d put Marker Speedpoint 14.0 on groomer skis but not on a ski like Legend 8000.

There is 04/05 (and older as well) P12 or P10 Demo which are traditional Pivots where both the toe and heel may be moved independently. The adjustment is not so foolproof as with one central knob of the Speedpoint but you´re not a rental shop with a line of unpatient customers and the Look lets your friends experiment fore/aft. I don´t know if they are lighter (3,060 or 3,050g/pair).
You might need P 10 Demo wide.

I´m not sure if there´s still Tyrolia Sympro, they were good and light two-piece demo bindings (I´d prefer Sympro 9 DIN 12).

It naturally also depends on how good and demanding skiers your friends are.
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Wow...I agree with Kiwi on something...

There's no way I would mount a speedpoint on my personal boards.
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Originally Posted by troutman
Wow...I agree with Kiwi on something...
When I saw you had the last post I was bracing for impact.

Interesting point from checkracer about the different styles of demo bindings. I have a set of the P12 demos on one of my sets of fat skis and it has been interesting being able to shift the boot centre up and down the ski to see the impact it has (yes, just like Atomics). From that I found that shifting the boot forward on the ski made it harder to turn in soft snow and the tips dived a little more. As a result of that I have had all my skis mounted at the standard mounting point rather than forward a cm or two as I was contemplating.

The way the speedpoint works the boot is always at the same location on the ski, which I suppose has its advantages for rental shops but doesn't really appeal to me.
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Perhaps the question should be- If I were to mount demo bindings on my extra skis, which are best? I don't have any p-12 demos in the box, I do have some Rossi 105FTX (only go to 10) and some Tyrolia SR Demo(din 12) with a 20mm plate. Lift was a concern; the Tyrolia and the Speedpoint put the boot a full 30mm from the deck of the ski. The Rossi is 20mm front and 30 back. The Marker 1300's I was planning to switch out are about 25mm from the deck (I'm using a ruler, so this is approx.)
The goal was to switch bindings without substantially altering the feeling of the ski- nobody has mentioned the piston control. Truth is, I never bothered to try it in the "off" position last season. Once, on the chair on a big crud day, I noticed one was switched on and one off - don't know how long it had been that way. Didn't notice anything different.
Anyway, I've been fooling around with these Dynastars- I picked up the 8000's last season, nearly new with the marker 1300s and liked them so much that early summer got a pair of 8800's with the speedpoints- both quite cheap, both used about a week. The speedpoints seem quality, just looking at them, so I thought I could put them on the 8000's too, hopefully without scewing them up, performance wise..

I can only ski one pair at a time, and I've got Volkls and Sollis as my primary skis. The idea of having skis for visiting friends is that waiting in line at the shop sucks, on a powder day is nuts and the good skis are gone anyway, it costs extra money, etc. Most of my friends don't ski that often so don't have up to date gear ( 'cept boots). They're all lapsed expert skiers, for the most part, about a level 8+ ( sounds like me). So what it really comes down to is if not the Speedpoints, what's the best demo binding to put on these babies, if any? I'm a good scrounger, and I can call around the Wasatch shops and find almost anything. Thanks.

Kiwi- these bindings are not on the recall list. thanks.
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I've had two pair of Speedpoint bindings & liked them. They function much like the Marker motion bindings. Both worked fine and did a very good job dampening the ride. They are heavy but they also have the advantage that they are much higher than stock bindings making them fun for carving.

The Speedpoints have the advantage over other demo bindings that they can be adjusted quickly and easily. They are much more foolproof than Salomon or Look demo bindings. Their disadvantage is you can't move the toe to different positions to see how that affects the ski.
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I've got Speedpoints (or Motions) on almost all of my skis for this reason (versatility in letting others try the ski quickly and easily) and other reasons (cost). They do stiffen the ski somewhat underfoot, but that's a small price to pay for its simplicity.


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I have a Marker Speedpoint Comp 14 binding on my Elan M662. They are heavy, but I don't feel they dampen the M662. They have not failed me so far.

Frankly, I would never put a Demo binding on a ski. Why have a ski that everyone can use (or steal)? The reason mine have them is because I bought them as a demo pair at a very nice price.
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Frankly, I would never put a Demo binding on a ski. Why have a ski that everyone can use (or steal)?

You can't come over. No playdate. anyway, thanks guysi good input.
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