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Panarama at X mas time

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does anyone have experiance with the snow conditions at Panorama at x-mas time.

How much of this hill is usually open on a average year?

what volume of snow does this hill receive at this time of year?

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Bad idea. Panorama's natural snowfall is anemic, barely 200 inches at 7,000 feet, and the base is at 4,000. The mountain does face north, so snow should preserve well. Therefore late season is best, and preferably wait to book until you see there's some early snow.
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on that not it is groomed to perfection and the majority of the runs are covered from snowmaking so it is consistent, and really where is GOOD at christmas other than hawaii/florida etc...
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I don't spend vacation $ to ski manmade groomers. I can stay home and do that.
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