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Need help finding bootfitter in PA/NJ

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Hi all,

I'm new here & need a bit of help.

I'm afraid I fell into the classic category of new skiier buying boots that were too big & probably not the correct shell shape either. I think when I went into the local ski shop my attention was drawn to all of the flashy skis lined up on the wall & I was overly focused on the ski & not on the boot.

I need to find a competent bootfitter in the eastern PA area or Southern NJ. I looked through the bootfitter lists on this forum and came across a place called Salter's, but other than that I haven't seen any other recommendations. The America's Best Bootfitters site lists Dansiezen & Quigley in Cherry Hill, NJ as one of their certified shops - has anyone here had any experience with this shop?

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Last year was my second season & I won't make it through a third if I don't get a great fitting pair of boots.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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The guys at D&Q definitely know their stuff. Give them a try.
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Starting at the 20th post in this thread, some insights: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=28823
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Where abouts are you? THere really are no great fitters around here. You can go into Manhattan or up north. I waited until went out west and had them done there. It was worth it.
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Thanks for pointing me to that thread ElkMountainSkier. Gotamagal, have you had boots fitted there before? Is there someone specific I should ask for?

Finndog - Going out west or up north would be ideal, but it's just not in the cards this year. I do get up to Manhattan but my next trip up there will not allow me the time for a fitting. I realize the MidAtlantic is not the ideal place for boot shopping so I'm just trying to find my best options in the area.
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Nestor's in Whitehall or Quakertown do a good job, check them out.
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I would be very careful over at Nestors! I bought boots there a few years back and they turned out to be a full size too big and they were just the wrong boot for my skiing and ability. I have was back there last season and saw a lot of your inexperienced kids fitting (freshman in College!) boots. Maybe that's considered good around here but it ain't in my book. The only decent fitter I ever found was out at Pinnacle Sport in Reading but even they didn't set me up correctly,the fitter there didn't cant the boots correctly, only adjusted the tops of the boots which is not true canting. The footbeds were OK but they added too much ramp angle and I got rid of them. Sorry guys, I have yet to find anyone out here who really knows their stuff. I would love to find someone. I just made appointment with a fitter out in Vail for the first week in December to tweak my boots and get footbeds made.
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I've been satisfied with Nestors. Have even gone back for an alignment. At first I was leary of those young looking kids, too. But as I understand it, they get training at someplace in VT. And they're the same kids for the last few years, so it's not like they hire them for one season and get new ones the next year.
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