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Stockli Laser SC 05/06

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I borrowed these today from the importer, skiied them all day, went back and bought 'em. I still have grave reservations about their soft snow performance but maybe in the lighter US snow it won't be such a massive issue and if it is, I'll get some cheapo old fatties.

They are very different from the previous (grey) SCs. The new ones have more sidecut, bigger shovels and flared tails with clipped points. And a ISO core! Stockli seem to be going for these big-time now.

The previous model was very fast, very stable and very user friendly at slow speeds, with unexpected ability in bumps.

These ones have all of the above, with the new more shapey shape. They are very turny, very quick as you flip your foot back and forth, still stable, and very fast. And they are actually fun in moguls, they bust through crud (tons of titanal, I think 4 layers), and give the usual Stockli sportscar-like instant feedback.

Their only issue is soft snow: specifically fresh wet stuff, or soft with soft or hard crust. The narrow waists sink in and hook, and the wide shovels squirl around widely, unless muscled into good behaviour.

I demoed the 156cm, but agreed with the importer that the 163cm would give more range of performance in "all mountain" conditions.

Stats: 95-63-114. Turn radius of the 163 is 13.5. Longest is 177cm, and the turn radius is 16.1 metres.

Their speed is a real feature. In normal skiing, you don't notice it: But today, I wasn't hit, wasn't almost hit, wasn't passed. Yet I felt like I was skiing at my normal sedate speed.
On areas where you always have to skate and pole, I was skimming along, dodging people who were skating and poling!

Not a cheap ski, I don't know what they go for in the US, but Stockli don't seem to get cheaper: they do, however, seem to improve each time they update a model.
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PS, descriptions/specs of them are here:

I don't care about bindings and so just got Salomon C610s on. I have them on my old Easyriders and they are fine. And got some 10mm risers on, the non-stiffening sort.
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I got mine a couple weeks ago in a 170. Plan to use it as a club race ski. Got it mounted up with an Atomic 17mm RaceCharger plate and a Race 412. I pitty my competition.

On last years models, I preferred the SL with the ISO core over the SC with the wood core. The SC was good, but the SL had much more power and snap. I can't wait to get these new baby's out.

Thanks for the review, that's just about what I expected to hear.

The site from your link has the description from the 05 model, with the picture of the 06 model. The construction part they had correct.
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Thanks for the review! I read it as a heads-up to pick up a pair of 04/05's if i can find some. I had the 99/00 (171) and am currently on 03/04's (168) which work to my delight - i like the "old school" feel that's to the now older models while sporting a moderate sidecut. Looks like that combo is history now.
Need to try the new one's some day... just to say... JESUS they screwed them SO up (;->).
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Good review ant. Stockli's make a great ski. If your interested here is alittle history about the Stockli company. http://www.bendskiing.com/gallery.htm
Sorry the site isn't updated for this season yet.
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Interesting: the Flachau GS on January 6, 1996 (StockliĀ“s first ever WC victory) was the famous race where a local racer Hermann Maier achieved as a forrunner the 12th time... the rest is alpine racing history.
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Beaut site! Thanks for that.
Yeah, this new ski is quite a lot different from last year's version. I like these ones and the previous ones equally, but the previous SC was a lot more pilotable. They have kept the stability... I am wondering though why they went for such a lot more sidecut. I fear they'll be horrible in deep powder! But the extra performance in everything but that was irresistable. Going from the Easy Riders (very soft midfats, with little sidecut) to these is quite a hop.
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Stockli's are not an armchair ride. I skied a 165cm SC and was amazed at the stabilty. Arc'm or Park'm.
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heh! They let you do that, too. I plan to dabble in a little racing this US season, just to see... The stability gives more confidence.
Sensibly should have got the Pits, but the SCs just feel great. 165? Is that the previous model?
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Sorry 161 cm 04-05 model. They don't float in Powder but sure ski everything else well. Have fun racing this year.
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Has anyone skied the Stockli Laser Cross (not Pro)? I have not skied Stocklis before, but like that solid austrian/germanic feel with a mix of stability, edge grip, quickness and snap, so I am thinking this could be a great ski to mount up for on-piste tele. Also any length advice? I am 5'6" 155-160, very strong technically and can ski hard and fast. Thanks.
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I have the 05 Cross in a 170. It's basically a GS ski with a slightly wider overall profile. But still in a 170 it has a 67mm waist with 17r. This is my main all mountain ski. It is not as quick edge to edge as an SC or SL, but then I guess it's not supposed to be. If you're looking for Austrian/Germanic stabilty, power and and edge grip it should be everything you're looking for. I really like mine. I was unsure for a few months and always preferred my 05 SC's. But as the season wore on, I got to liking them more for all mtn. It is stiff and powerful. Not the best bump ski.
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Thanks for the info. How much do you weigh? I am wondering what length to look into. I am 155-160.
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5ft 8, 170lbs

BTW, this years model Cross is the same as last. Here is the Euro site: http://www.stoeckli.ch/index_en.html

Last time I checked the US site was still not updated.
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I never tried the Cross series. I got some of the silver Spirit Pros a few seasons back, and never really liked them much. I like the stability and strong feel of both versions of the SC. Does the Cross feel like that? I would have liked wider underfoot and less sidecut, but assumed the Cross's would be more similar to those Spirits, which were the level under the race line when I got them.
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The Cross is every bit as equal to the race line. It has the ISO core, same base, the whole bit. It just feels a tad heavier and sluggish then the others. Not much, but I do notice it only cause I have the SC and SL to compare it to.
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ah ha. I also like the instant response feel of both SCs. Gave me a lot of confidence. The Spirits had that, but not the stability or strength. The Easys were good honest skis with no real flaws, but the SCs just felt so good. I still think I got the right skis (first powder day I'll be regretting it though, I just know it).
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That instant response comes from the skinny 63mm waist. The Cross with the 67mm feels sluggish. I'm more of a hard pack carver type skier. If I need a ski for a powder day (very rare for me), I'll rent one.
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63mm?! Wow! That's downright skinny!
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I'm interested in picking up the 2006 Laser SC for recreational racing and I'm wondering which length would be right for me. I'm 5' 7" (170cm) and 175 lbs. I keep going back and forth between the 170cm and the 163cm. Can someone provide some guidance?
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I have not tried the 05-06 Laser SC...but there is a quick test overview of last year's Laser SC in another thread at: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=25440
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That review appears to be of the Laser Cross, which is not the Laser SC?
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This is the review website of the best ski shop at Sugarbush--they deal only in Stockli they've posted mini reviews of each model--pretty good stuff, here.


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Originally Posted by Noodler
I'm interested in picking up the 2006 Laser SC for recreational racing and I'm wondering which length would be right for me. I'm 5' 7" (170cm) and 175 lbs. I keep going back and forth between the 170cm and the 163cm. Can someone provide some guidance?

I had the opportunity to test the new Laser SC. I'm 184cm and 75kg and preferred the 163. This ski is stable enough and very quick from edge to edge. But it's also good for recreational skiing. I for myself liked the Laser SL in 161cm a little more, even if this ski is not as recreational than the SC.
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vilu - thanks for confirming what I suspected. I was leaning toward the 163cm size. I'm hoping to demo them this season before purchasing. Thanks.
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I haven't skied the new model yet, but have the 168 03/04 model. I'm 175 lbs. 5'11" I think they are perfect for groomers or steeps. More stability then I've ever seen with any ski. But I am biased from 2 points: I tried them in Zermatt and bought them (they had the home country advantage ) and I've never skied a racing ski before. I usually ski a blizzard 8.2 in 185 for freeskiing and never felt a ski carve at any speed no matter how hard the snow is. It made me think about racing but I'm not a weekend guy. More of a once a month out west for freeskiing.

Somebody mentioned their good manners is bumps, but my experience differs. I was hoping to use them on the east coast for everything, but find that the strong kick from the tail that is so nice while skiing steep unbumped terrain is downright unsettling when bumps are thrown into the mix. I guess I'm used to the predictability of a very damp ski (blizzard 8.2) in rougher terrain.

Just my 2 cents
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Laser SL review...
Just surfing the posts...
Last July, Bill Lamont from Wild Willies lent me a pair of Stockli SL's with the VIST binding...Blackcomb Glacier was soft spring snow...
Such a quick,cool binding release to tune a naked ski...(but I think the tolerances on the lock / pins could be refined)
The ski itself...The tip was psychic...intuitive...never hooky...You could exit the turn and let the skis go way out there......incline like Bode, and it would always come back to you...I felt it had a big sweet spot...even from the back seat- But I didn't find myself there very often because the turn exits were so smooth . I don't think it has even a thoretical speed limit....
If I ever have spare $1,900 buck laying around...
ciao Paul
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FYI: Laser Cross demos - several lengths - $300 - $350 w/Markers:
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Update: it hasn't snowed in a few days so I'm on these SCs every day, doing the whole mountain, teaching and today a high level clinic in them. I am liking them more and more each day. They have me skiing better, more surefooted, more confidently and more quickly than ever before. And despite their tighter sidecut, they are marvellous in bumps.

This SC is a very user-friendly ski, but watch out if you rock back on your heels, good grief!

It's a very strong, solid feeling ski under the foot, but very precise and fast along the length. grips like claws, ice, what ice? You can move a lot on it, secure that the ski won't trip you up.
The shovels ripple at speed, but you feel very stable and safe.

I'm very pleased with them, very pleased indeed.
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Demoed some Stromrider XLs at 174 cm last week. Most fun I've ever had on skis! How does the SC compare at 177 cm? I enjoy a fast ride, but don't like to spend a lot of time in the crud.:
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