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Snow in Summit County

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This morning the high peaks in Summit County have a soft white covering. Snow level is down to about 11,000 ft.
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The Indian Peaks up to Longs are covered too... it looks like the snow level is down a little lower- St. Vrain Mtn is only about 12,000 feet and its got snow quite a ways down on it. I'd guess below 10k there. Looks like Eldora has some snow on the runs too.
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In addition Pitkin Co and the Elks Range are dusted. Theromomter read 34 degress at 7200 ft this AM.
Indy Pass is white
The Cirque and Cirque headwall are finely dusted with white.

snow riding is near.
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Yeah, I just spent a lovely morning at 11,500' getting snowed on. I'm going to go out on a limb and predict we're going to have 100% chance of weather over the next two months and a 50% chance of having either a good early season or a bad one.
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