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Male, 32, Excellent skier, weight: 160, Height: 6ft. 75 to 100 days a year skier. Measure out to a 27.5 to 28.0 Mondo. Average foot width (D or E). No racing, just freeride. I LIKE A TIGHT BOOT.

Want: New boot... Either Doberman 110, Hotrod or Atomic Race Tech CS. (Price is non-issue as pro/shop forms avaliable)

Current boot: Salomon Course Spaceframe SC 26.5 Mondo. I ground out the toe box from the inside (dremmel) and blew it out via heat and expander. Ground down footbed and custom insoles to ultra thin to squeeze in... It worked. The boot felt tight and great post grinding. Was unsatisfied w/ boot though. Didnt hold up. To soft (95 flex) and pulled one lower and both upper buckles from clear (crap plastic) after one season. Broke upper track clean off.

Question: Pros/Cons to possible above replacements or others (and with regards to personal grinding/manipulations per model)? Advise on size?


Matt from Vail

P.S. Do you have a shop in Breck, Frisco? If so, where?
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Hi Jeff, 6' 190lbs aggressive skier, like to ski the entire mountain. Current boot is Salomon Pro Model 27.5 that had the right boot sole planed 2 degrees and the left ground 1 degree. Both boots were built up on the upper side of the lugs with some type of material. The material doesn't look real durable.

My question is:

1. I have had two releases in the past two years (at the heel) that cost me a messed up shoulder and more recently a broken arm and wrist. Both were at high speed and on groomed terrain. The ski just came off without much force (I was going straight). I had the DIN set to 8 and the heel forward pressure in the middle of the range. The bindings are Salomon 912 and 914. Do you think the boot sole planing could be the cause of this?
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Hi Jeff,

I'm a 6'0, 165lb, expert skier. I like to ski the whole mountain. I generally ski fast & like big arcs when the terrain allows it. I'm not a racer. Both feet are over-canted (my left is around a degree, my right is a degree and a half). My current boot is a Lange LF-130 (I've always skied Langes) and I really love the lateral responsiveness and the stiff flex. However, it turns out the forward lean is too agressive for me--it holds my ankle closed and limits my leg extension which tends to put me in the back seat. I was fortunate enough to get to ski with Jill Evans (a LIII examiner at JHMR) who pointed out this problem to me. I've already ground the rear spoiler off, but that isn't enough.

1. Is there anything else I can do to the boot to solve this problem? I've noticed that there is an insert that sits underneath the liner which appears to create some ramp angle--can this be modified (or replaced) to allow me to stand more upright?

2. Can you recommend a boot with similar performance characteristics to the LF-130 that has either less forward lean or has adjustable forward lean?

3. I've never noticed the stiffness being a problem in the bumps (i.e. I've never gotten shin bang). However, I'm now guessing that's because the boot is holding my ankle closed so I can only flex at the knees. Should I consider a slightly softer flex for all mountain skiing if I'm able to find a boot that gives me a more upright stance?

4. Where can you get the canted heel/toe lugs for the Langes? I'm currently using ski-cants, but I think I'd rather go back to boot cants.

Thanks very much for your time and advice.

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Hi Jeff,

I'm 47. 5ft 9". 180ish. Ijust purchased a pair of Krypton Crosses. The right boot has a nasty pressure point. The lower right edge of the tongue is digging into my forefoot. I've not heated the liners up yet. I'm intersted in your opinion of what would be the best aftermarket replacement liners for th Krypton Croses. The fit w/ the stock liners is plenty snug...Feels about right volune wise


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Hi Jeff,

background, 5'10'', 160lbs, level 7 skier, prefer most snow/conditions over bumps. I recently purchased new boots Lange Limited Edition (same as Comp 120, but different color). I had a boot fitting with custom footbeds and also added 1.5 degrees of boot canting. I have used the boots a few times, but it's been in varying conditions and with different skis. I have experienced a few issues and thought I would ask for some advice.
1. Getting very tired, specially thighs even when skking in a straight line. I notice skis are not always flat, seems inside edges leaning toward snow. Could 1.5 degree of canting be causing the problem?
2. Should there be a significant issues if I remove the canting plates?
3. In the first few hours of skiing I develop pain along the outside length of both feet. What might be causing this, potentially the custom footbed?
4. This past weekend while trying a new set of skis, felt like I was constantly in the backseat, maybe too much forward lean as I found myself applying pressure with my calfs against the back of the boot and lifting up my foot (not actually lifting just pressuring that way). Is this the sign of too much forward lean or too stiff a boot?
5. I believe the lean can be adjusted but is there a way to decrease stiffness on this boot (there are 2 screws on back near heel)?

Thanks for your help.

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Boot fit for wife.

Hi Jeff,

My wife is 5'2" level 3-4 skier 125lbs. Skis green runs and easy blues. Snow plow working on letting skis run parallel.

Boots are Atomic B9

1. Her feet were going to sleep and killing her after about an hour with buckles not tight at all. Took out insole and it seemed to help. What else to do?

2. The boot also hurts her calf muscle. She has athletic legs. Is it how she is skiing or the boot? Try more or stick with what we have got?


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Hi Jeff,

No need for background info for my question. It regards Lange and Rossi plug boots and the fact that they crack so often. After two years of use, it's pretty much a given that your Lange/Rossi plugs will have cracked in at least one spot. What's the problem? Is it avoidable? Has it been fixed with the RL11/R2005? Is it worth not buying these boots because of these issues?


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Ok, now for a question for boots for me...

Background: 5'8" 165 lbs, 21 yr old university racer. My feet are fairly average, I think. Instep is not high nor low. My foot is not wide nor narrow.

1. My current boots are Rossignol R2002 plug boots, flex ZC. I have made them fit with no bootwork other than removing the vinyl pad on the underside of the liner and the fit is great. However, the boots are cracking and are pretty finished...it's time for some new ones. Which other plug boots should I try that might also fit similarly to my R2002s? I would get the Rossi/Langes again if they hadn't made the instep higher. I'm considering Nordica Dobermann WC 150s and Atomic RT Ti Softs. Would these be good choices? What others might I consider? I have tried Salomon X2s and they would take a lot more work than my R2002s to fit well. The toe box was uber-cramped.

2. How would you compare the stiffness of the Dobermann WC 150 and the Atomic RT Ti Soft? How do both of these compare to my ZCs? I'm thinking I want something a bit softer this time around.

3. I understand that next year's RTs have been made narrower. Is it safe to say that they will require as much grinding as the Dobermanns, or are the Nordicas still going to be a harder fit?

4. In terms of sizing, is it safe to take the Atomic or Nordica or whatever else you recommend in the same size as my R2002s?

5. Do custom footbeds make a great deal of difference when downsizing boots?
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Looking for a pair of boots

Height: 6"1'
Weight: 200 lbs even
Age: 36
Build: Athletic
Style: Old Schooler
Level: 7
Iinterests: Moguls (soft and silky style not a pounder), small jumps, crud, powder, and rapid fire turns.

My foot is of average size with nothing major sticking out at me. My arch is slightly lower then average. I am currently testing the Flames out around the house. The toe box started out a little tight and caused some numbing across the 2 or 3 outside toes. However, after a few days this seems to have resided and is now a snug fit in the toe box. One of my biggest concerns are in the heel. My heel seems to be a little loose and feels like it is lifting. This lifting seems to be causing some rubbing on the inside of the meaty part of the heel.

1) Are the Flames the right boot for what I like to do?

2) What flex would be ideal for my level and interests?

3) What boots would you suggest for my interests?

4) Are aftermarket footbeds (like superfeet or smartfeet) always a good thing?

5) I am thinking about moving out to either Colorado or back to Lake Tahoe. I am thinking of quiting my corporate job and start living my real passion....which is skiing. What certification would I need to get a in a ski shop as a tech?

6) How much does a top quality ski tech make generally speaking? (not looking to strick it rich)

7) What about ski patrol if you know anything about that or avalanche controller?

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Boot Advice

Background Info;

Height; 5, 11"

Weight; 8.3 Stone (115lbs, or 52kg)

Skier Type; Can ski most terrain type well. I have been skiing from a young age and I am embarking on a 4 month trip to Fernie BC to train for level one and two CSIA instructor coaching qualifications.

Feet; Narrow feet, size 8, I do not know whether I pronate. I have skinny legs (calves). All in all, a slight body type.

Current Equipment;Skis – Atomic Beta Carve (also looking to upgrade before trip to a cross ski). Boots – N/A


1. I am looking for my first pair of boots to last me for the trip to Fernie, bearing in mind that I will be wearing these almost everyday. I have read some of the other posts and would appreciate it if you could recommend me some boots for this purpose. I envisage I will be skiing most terrain type during this instruction period.

Cheers Jeff, I appreciate you taking time to answer my questions.

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Height: 5'11"
Weight: 160 lbs
Skier Type: I ski Crested Butte "extremes" terrain all day everyday. Very little skiing done in the park or on any groomers, some bumps though. Skiing since I could walk, am 19. Raced from a young age until 14-15 years old.

Question: What boots should I be buying this season as I broke my boots last season? Will get custom footbeds for any boot, just would like a very aggressive boot.
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Originally Posted by alu

Background: male skier, 5'9, 160lbs. I recently bought the Tecnica Diablo Race Pro 130.

1. What is your opinion about the stance of these boots?

2. Do you think Tecnica's setup (lower ramp/increased forward lean) is a good setup?

3. In your experience is the Tecnica setup a good one that works for many people?

4. What is you opinion about the stance of the Diablos compared with the Icons?

Thanks a lot Jeff.

I bought some technica Icon ALU and found the greater foward lean
was better on skis 177 to 205 cm that I skied, but for short skis 155 to 169 cm was too far forward as I was having forward falls when I fell rather
than the less painfull rearward falls. When you think about it the more forward lean you have the shorter your skis will feel
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Advice on buying and fitting boots

If you don't pick up a lot of business from the effort you put into this forum something ain't right! I've reseached this forum and read enough of your responses to decide to travel to Breckenridge to get my boots fitted. I have business in Denver through the remainder of 06 and will time my "bootfitting trip" with a business trip(s).

Height - 5'8"
Weight - 150 lbs.
Foot - Size 9 "shoe", narrow heal, wide forefoot, good arch.
Skier Type -
I am an intermediate skier. Fairly comfortable on most blues but my carving needs improvement. Understand the physics of carved turns, just need more time on the snow, and additional instruction, to build some level of proficiency. I am certain that I always rent ski boots that are too big and want to take "boot fit" out of the "leaning to carve" equation. So, I plan to purchase and fit boots prior to my Steamboat vacation in February of 07.

1. Should I consider two trips to your shop? The first to determine the brand and style of boot? And, assuming you recommend a boot that is not in stock, a second trip to fit the boot?

2. Could you recommend a boot with the information I given or with additional information, such that the boot is at your shop when I arrive for fitting? Thus, only one trip to Breckenridge to purchase/fit my boots.

3. I have other questions about custom footbeds, boot stiffness, etc. but since I plan to purchase and fit the boots at your shop, don't see a need to ask them at this time.

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5' 8", 150lbs, 16yrs, male, level 9-10 skier, ski all around, size 10 1/2 shoe, wide foot (EE), will be having boots fitted. I would like the most responsive boots that will fit a wide foot.

1. Are there any racing style boots that fit a wide foot?

2. What other high-end boots would fit wide feet?

I am willing to go with any brand as I am only worried about performance.

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Hi Jeff,

Have read through the other inquiries and found a couple that were similar to my situation.

Me: 6'3" 190 lbs. 24 y.o. Average calf size, average ankle for my size, wide foot. Typically I will wear a 13W (E/EE), or size 47/48 shoes to compensate for width. I had my foot measured on several occasions and its length actually came to a 12.5.
Ski style / equipment: Born in europe, been skiing in the alps since age 4. Moved to states 8 years ago and only went out a few times. I'm very rough on equipment / clothes / gear. Ski on 181 cm shaped skis. The last boots I had were Nordica's (don't remember model), but my foot has grown and developed since adolescence so I don't think it applies.

My questions:
1. Went to local ski shop and was fitted to Atomic B9's size 29.5. What scares me is that this comes to an 11.5 US size. Naturally this size recommendation seems small. They felt fine in the shop, but I would worry about being in them all day and experience some foot swelling. I was glad to see you recommend this boot to others who have posted with wide feet. What's your take on my shop's size recommendation?

2. With regards to Atomic's "B" line, are all of the models the same fit / width? Does a B11 fit like a B9? Atomic's website is fairly vague, what exactly do I get if I go from a B9 to a B10 or B11?

Thanks for your help.


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Boot Advice

Hi Jeff,

Here are my stats: Age:60 (by this ski season), Height: 5' 9", Weight: 180 lbs. Started skiing in 1962 but took off for over 20 years. Started again in 1985. Ski about 15 days a year. Relatively advanced - ski back bowls at Vail and most Blacks. Have skiied all over CO, Including Breck; also Jackson Hole, Snowshoe, WV. The last 3 years it has been Tahoe.

I have very flat feet and severe pronation since birth. I bought custom footbeds in the late 80's (Peterson). My current boots are Nordica Next 87's, Size 28.0, but I found out that they were too big - I wear size 9C shoes. I always felt I was gripping with my toes on turns. Still, I had to have my right boot blown out due to severe pain in a foot bone just below my ankle bone.

Now, I am getting new boots from a shop with a master boot fitter (Hillsborough, NC), unlike the last time, and will also need to get new footbeds. However, I need some suggestions on boot selection. My last two boots were Nordica - NR955, Next 87 - and so I have been looking a them first. I don't like to skimp so I looked at the Speedmachine 14, but it may be too stiff (110-120). The shop I am using is now taking on Tecnica as another line. The Vento 10 Hyper Fit seemed nice and is a little more flexible (90). In addition it is somewhat larger inside than some boots, according to some reviews I read. So, here are my questions:

1. Should I consider either of the two models listed above?

2. What other selections would you recommend?

3. Any footbed advice?

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Woman skier looking for wide boot

Hello, I am an agressive east coast female skier who likes to ski everywhere. Speed is not so much of importance to me, but I like to point it once in a while. I am 5'3", about 160Lbs, and I ski on 169 Volkl Karma or 165 Salomon Pocket Rocket. I am always looking for powder/slough, whenever I can find it.

I am looking for a high end boot that will accomodate my wide feet and large calves. I have seen a lot of posts about men's boots, and I would consider a men's model for sure, but I think that my low/large calves would be better accomodated in a women's boot with a lower cuff. I usually wear a size 9 of 9.5 wide. My current ski boots are Salomon Evolution 8, size 25.5 and I feel like my toes are cramped together, especially across the bridge of my toes. I used to wear a 26.5, but I am pretty sure that was too big (although it translates to my true shoe size). Which models would you recommend. I am tempted to go for the technica diablo flame (men's), nordica spd. mach., or the xwave 9, but I do not want to end up pinching my calves. Some women's models I have been looking at are: nordica beast 12 W, head s10 lady heatfit, salomon 8.0 rush, atomic b11 or m11. Thanks for any help
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FYI - Summer
Jeff maintains this useful thread as a volunteer effort. He normally does not post in the summer, and has not responded to this thread since March. We usually see him return to the thread in late August or September. He will most likely start a new 2007 thread at that time.

Until you see further activity from Jeff, or a new thread, I recommend that you direct your questions to the regular gear forum where you are more likely to get a reply.

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Nordica Boot Advice

i am 6', 210 lbs male.
skiing on Head xrc 1400's - 177's.
old boots are nordica's, i think 9.1's (black and grey).
Ski a lot of everything, but play it safe, nothing crazy.

1. i have a high instep that get's pinched and tends to numb the toes. thinking of the nordica beast 10's (what is that this year?).

2. or the technica vento 10's? and advice for a EE wide foot with high instep appreciated.

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Hi Jeff,
My 14 yr. old son will be a 2nd yr. J3 this winter racing in the Central USSA division. He is big - 5'-10", 173 lbs. with very wide feet. He wears a size 10 EEE tennis shoe and measures about 110 mm across his forefoot. Last year he raced in punched out Atomic B9's but really needs more boot to compete better this season. Looking at Head RS 80/90/100, Atomic M90 & Nordica Speedmachines for starters...
1. Do you have any boot recommendations?
2. What flex stiffness would be good?
Thanks for your help. First time user so hope this was done right!
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My info: 5'9", 165lbs, expert, all terrain (off-piste, bumps-but getting difficult to keep up with my 20 year old sons! and aging knees - reconstructed ACL 3 years ago, powder, steeps, trees). I currently ski on XScream ProLinks (187cm??) w/S912Ti's and Technica TNS - that fit great but certainly are packed out. 20-30 days/season.

I am looking for a new boot and am gravitating to last years XWave10 - it fits different than this years and have also looked at a Diablo but it was a bit too loose to start in. The X10 is really tight on my left because of an old soccer injury in the ankle with a lot of scar tissue - it was nasty. Both will need to be punched but the left is so tight or pressure points that my foot goes to sleep within 10 ... so I am concerned about that and the next size up is going to be too big. Also, large calfs and need to remove the spoilers from the XWaves and why I went with Technicas a number of years back. Suggestions/recommendations?

Primary place of worship - MaryJane :-) and JH is awesome.

Will also look for new skis after the boots.

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Suggestions Needed!

Hi Jeff!

Thanks in advance for your much appreciated advice!

I'm a 42 year old female ski instructor in Southeast Michigan. I'm 8'5", 125 lbs. and I ski mostly on advanced groomed runs. I had major reconstructive surgery to my right ankle, but because my foot was screwed up for 20 plus years, I have some issues with my stance. My boot fitter here (Brian Graham) says that It's like my legs belong to two different people. Left knee points out, and right knee points in. My right leg is also shorter by 1/4" or so. Jeff recommended that I get my boots ground down by Paul Mercior (I'm not sure of the spelling on that) up at Boyne. Cant suggestion is 1 1/2 degrees In on the left and 3 degrees out on the right.

1. Is there any way to cant the boots.
2. Do you have anyone here in Lower Mich. that you can recommend for canting or grinding.
3. I ski Volkl Attiva 5 Stars with Motion Piston bindings with the Rail Flex. Is there any way to cant those?

Thanks Jeff!!!!
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Hey Jeff,

I am a 35 year old male that has problems with big calfs, wide feet and not finding the right boot fit.

Age 35 Male
Height 5'6
Weight 160
Level 9

I am short, have short legs and huge calfs (16 inches around) just measured them. They get a little bit bigger as I start to work my legs out.. Here is my problem.. My Calfs always give me fits as they are getting pinched because the top of the boot reaches the fattest width of my calf and man is that uncomfortable, also I have a wide foot. I ski about 60-75 days out here in Aspen in the pow pow, yes Im a ski bum, but need the guidance of the holy boot man to lead me the way to a better fit, what boots would you recommend? (that's my calfs talking)

JK in Aspen
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need help with boots

Jeff, thanks in advance

I'm a 46 year old male, 6'2", 225, aggressive skier with a history of bad boot fits and problem feet. I have size 11 feet with broad toe area, narrow hills and low arches. Due to poor fitting Lange's 8 to 10 years ago and several boots before that, I had bunion removal surgery 5 years ago and have arthritis problems in both great toes. Been using Nordica Doberman's for the last 6 years that I had the inside toe areas blown out which helped (especially before surgery). I still commonly have blister issues on both inside heels (same problem with snowboard boots). I think this is because of narrow heel problem and sliding of heel. I would like to move into a new pair of boots once again. So, with that, my questions.

1. Can you recommend a brand/model that would be best for my problem feet?

2. I was considering custom boots like DaleBoot - what do you think about this?

3. I live in Pennsylvania, but could travel to find the right boots. What do you suggest?


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Jeff, thanks in advance for aa great service on Epic.

ME: 5'11, 192, 64yrs, skiing 40yrs all Terrain, racer to 25yrs.
Skis I use: Atomic Metron B5 162 (all around)
Fischer RX9 (cruise fast ski, GS SG)
Just ordered: Bro 179 softs
I'm not going to teach this year and just ski, as much powder and off piste as I can. Live in Northern Idaho, going to Canada & Mt. this year.

1. Only unusual foot is high arches
2. Right foot slightly smaller than left.
3. Think I want a boot that is flexible but supportive.
4. Talked to a bootfitter in Sandpoint, Svein Nostdahl who seems to know his stuff and he said my old (3yr) atomics were to big for me. He wants to get me into a smaller boot and fit it right.

Anyway any advice, things to watch out for etc. would be appreciated. thankyou Pete
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"Sixth toe"

I am 6 foot tall and 160 pounds and ski all terrain in Tecnica Diablo boots. My question is:
1) I have been having problems with sixth toe syndrome bilaterally. I love the boots and had footbeds made by Jack Rafferty at Aspen Sports. He also punched the toes out. Still having the problem. Since I live in Pittsburgh, I can''t have him do further work. Any suggestions?
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Originally Posted by Lucky View Post
Hi Jeff, 6' 190lbs aggressive skier, like to ski the entire mountain. Current boot is Salomon Pro Model 27.5 that had the right boot sole planed 2 degrees and the left ground 1 degree. Both boots were built up on the upper side of the lugs with some type of material. The material doesn't look real durable.

My question is:

1. I have had two releases in the past two years (at the heel) that cost me a messed up shoulder and more recently a broken arm and wrist. Both were at high speed and on groomed terrain. The ski just came off without much force (I was going straight). I had the DIN set to 8 and the heel forward pressure in the middle of the range. The bindings are Salomon 912 and 914. Do you think the boot sole planing could be the cause of this?

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Hi Jeff,

Relevant Info:
  • Female 5'3" 125 lbs 39 years old
  • Have been skiing only since Jan., 2001
  • Ski about 15 days a year (I live in Texas)
  • Level 7 skier
  • Usually ski blue/double blue/black groomers but would like to progress to powder/ungroomed runs
  • I ski with Volkl Attiva AC2 149cm skis
  • Former competitive inline skater when I was sidelined 2 years ago due to chronic exertional compartment syndrome in all four quadrants of both lower legs. Tried physical therapy, orthotics, and custom orthotics and was never able to overcome it without fasciotomy surgery. I didn't want the lengthy recovery time so I opted to skip surgery and drop inline skating. Luckily, the compartment syndrome does not usually flare up when skiing.
  • I over pronate quite a bit.
  • I have very high arches that "fall".
  • I am a woman's size 8 with very wide feet for a woman (D) and a narrow heel.
  • I've also been diagnosed with bunions on both feet, but they have never caused me any pain.
  • My calves are very muscular, especially for a woman and even compared to some men. 14.5" around during rest.
  • Salomon footwear has always been my best bet (inline skates, ski boots, and trail runners that I use for indoor gym workouts).
Current ski boot fit and problems:
  • 2004/05 Salomon Performa 8 Women's model Size 25.5
  • My custom orthotics (prescribed by a orthopedic surgeon) seem to make this boot too small and cause pain on the top of my foot, but I do use an off the shelf pair of Superfeet (blue type).
  • My toes go numb occasionally and my feet do tend to get cold even when the temperature outside is not extreme.
  • I do experience heel lift.
  • Boots when fastened are typically on the very last buckle notch (loosest)
With my many foot issues, I feel like I will not be able to progress further with my skiing abilities without an excellent boot fit.

1. Can my current boot be "saved" or am I likely in the wrong boot?
2. My Volkl AC2's are new and have not had the bindings mounted yet. Is there anything you suggest I do differently when they are mounted other than a standard setting?
3. I will be in Summit County the week of Thanksgiving, and I'd love to get an opportunity to speak directly with the master. Any chance?
4. I will re-post this msg when/if you begin a new '07 thread. Thanks!
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Advice Needed on Tecnica TNS Replacements

Hi Jeff, I've worn out my Tecnica TNSs (circa 1992, black w/ green trim): I'm 6 foot tall, mid 40's, 183 lbs, ski East Coast (i.e., "frozen granular") almost 10 weekends a season, with a 1-week annual trip to Utah. I can handle East Coast ice, as well as the larger moguls on advanced terrain (for example, the Square Deal mogul run on Flagstaff Mtn. at Deer Valley, Utah), but looking to get more aggressive in them. Also can ski powder on the rare times I find it. I ski on trails, although I'll be getting a helmet to try some glade skiing. I like performance gear, but I don't do any racing or extreme speed runs.

I have a somewhat narrower than average foot (size 10 shoe, high arch), and have used a custom insole since I got the TNSs. My TNSs are a size 8, which sorta forced me to keep the nails clipped pretty short on the big toes.

1) Is theTecnica Diablo Flame Ultrafit a good replacement for the TNSs? I am confused about the talk I've heard about lots of "volume" on the newer Tecnicas.

2) I know that Tecnica sizes run a bit small, but how do I know whether I need a size 8 or 9?

3) Can I transfer my custom insoles to the new boots, or should I get new insoles?

4) Any alternative boots I should try?

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Wide Calves, Wide Feet

Hello Jeff,

Stopped by your shop yesterday but you weren't there. Found this forum today, what luck!

Background: 33yo male, level 8+ skier. Lots of bumps and steeps. 75% off piste. 5'8, 175lbs. Wide foot: 11.43cm. Generally size 10.5 wide shoe, 27.5 boot, currently on Tecnica TI-8 boots which are very, very old.

I have never been comfortable in ski boots. A local shop found that my foot collapses at the medial arch and spreads wide out below the little toe (not sure what that's called). So with all my weight on the feet, the widest point is 11.43cm. And what might be the biggest problem is low and *very* large calves (43cm around).

1. The Nordica SpeedMachine 14 has twice been recommended to me for a wide forefoot and roomier toe box, but also because the shell can be cut out
more to accomodate spread. Your thoughts on the Nordica for wide feet and huge calves? Are there other boot options?

2. Also recommended was lowering the cuff on whatever boot I purchase to ease pressure on the calf. But what effect does this have on performance and control of the ski? I like my boots very snug so can really feel and control my skis.

3. Finally, a heel shim to raise the calf out of the boot a little bit was suggested.

Thanks for your assistance.
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