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Originally Posted by extremeskier
Hi Jeff, great of you to offer up your expertise.
1)I am a 6' 205 lb fit male expert skier, ex whistler patrol.
Ski blacks aggessively, double blacks somewhat aggressive dependinging on conditons. Will not shy away from anything except 20' plus hucks.
20 Skiing on 172 B5 metrons this year love them in everything bumps powder trees, except closets. Last year on R11 20 pulse 180s thought they were the answer until getting my b5s now backup/rock ski.
3) wearing Technica icon x's the last 5? years size 10 1/2 (the orange tiger striped) street shoes are a size 12. icons fit reasonably well after a break in and a bit of forefoot punchout around "6th toe" area on both feet.
worked well for years , now finding that no matter how tight i cinch up power strap (on inside) the edge of liners now touch preventing furhther tightening

4) in your expert opinion can you reccommend a boot brand irrelevent

thank you for your time regards greg

probably to your area next feb. for annual trip

nice skis, man.

Many skiers have issues tightening Tecnica cuffs. You did not list your foot width, instep height etc..., so this is just a guess. Boots that are similar in fit and stance to your boots are the Tecnica Vento 10, and the Nordica Speedmachine 12. You may want to start your search here.

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Originally Posted by skidad55
Jeff: I ended up getting the Beast 10s -- the fit is wonderful right out of the box and better with the liners heated to fit. Plus at 40% off -- $285.00 -- its a lot of boot for the money and a big step up from what I've been wearing.

Congrats, and good luck with them.
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Originally Posted by Jeff Bergeron
Nothing- what do you know about it?

The only rumor I heard about their racing days is they often preferred skis that could only be laid out by hand, which were impossible at the time to make for widescale production. I trust these sources, but have never confirmed these rumors myself....

PS- I used to race on Atomics with Olive Garden graphics. I hear they are a restaurant chain now.... Just kidding....
Then i give the matter no further gravity.
i believe TGI Friday's actually manufactured
those atomics, though
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Originally Posted by vlad
Then i give the matter no further gravity.
i believe TGI Friday's actually manufactured
those atomics, though
Those TGI's were amazing...
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Originally Posted by sudovec
Hi Jeff,

I appreciate your time and efforts to answer our questions.

I'm very happy with my Lange Comp 120 MF (04/05 model) except 2 issues - my toes are getting numb after 2-3 hrs skiing and I'm getting cramp in area around 5th Metatarsus when taking boots off. Numb toes does not happen always, and apparently it is related to position of feet inside the liner and liner inside of the shell - as the liner is moving inside the shell when unbuckled (at least much more than I'm used to from my previous boots). I feel 2 minor pressure points in foot sole - forefoot area.

My understanding is that numbness is caused by compressed vein/nerve somewhere in instep area of foot.

1. Is my explanation for numb toes cause correct?
2. Can this boot be modified to gain additional room in instep area?
3. If yes, what modifications and their priority would you suggest?
4. Would custom footbed/orthotics help?

Thanks in advance.

1. You are most likely correct- it probably is the top of the foot. Other possibilities can be you need more width or height at the met/ ball of the foot area, or excessive forward lean.
2. Yes, but the tongue design is very short and limits possible modifications. Still, it is worth trying.
3. Cut material out of the tongue? Modify the forefoot? Might take a better than average boot tech.
4. It is possible but I would give it less than a 50/50 chance.

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Originally Posted by tmmoore
Jeff are you working 3/12/06?
As of 3/19/06, yes.
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Originally Posted by coug
Hi Jeff,

1).. Info : - Male , 25, 5'11", 140#s.. Aggressive skiier.. .. Low volume feet and skinny shins and ankle.. I pronate while running. I ski anything and mostly groomed trails.. I like to carve .. I am not good at bumps and dont ski them much.. Got Fishcer Rx8s recently.. I currently use Salomon Performa 5.0, US size7 boots..

2).. I have to buckle my 3rd and 4th to pretty much max to get them tight around my heel and shin.. Even then I get some heel play when I skate ski.. I think I need low volume boots and preferably something more advanced as I have improved my skiing significantly.. Maybe freeride boots?..I know thats a bit too general, sorry..

3).. I am not sure if my boot allows me to get my weight forward enough.. I have long shins and long legs.. 35" true inseam.. Does that factor into the equation ?

4).. Would I need orthotics for skiing?.. I dont use them when for sports in general but I am prone to shin splint pain if I run/bike too much..

Thanks for your advice..

EDIT:-.. What do you know.. I walked into the loal ski shop and half an hour later walked out with a pir of Dalbello Krypton Cross.. I have not even skiied them but feels like we are a match made in heaven..
1. ok
2. ok
3. The curvature of the tib/fib have more to do with setting the forward lean, but leg length is relevant. Skiers with long legs and short torsos (such as yourself) are much more sensitive to forward lean setting than skiers with more even ratios.
4. Footbeds or orthothic should improve your situation, at least if you have someone good make them.

PS. Good luck with the Dalbello Kryptons. They are great boots.
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Originally Posted by RShea

1. Stats: I am a 6 foot, 165 to 170 lb skier, age 45 and type 8 advanced carver on everything but the steepest of the steeps (double blacks) out West - skied for more than 20 years, mostly on groomed eastern hard pack. Regular club/council and nastar racer. About my foot- shoe size 10.5 med width D, narrow heel though. Skiing on a pair of Dolomite CYB-X Free Carve's in a 10.5, 320 mm fitted with a heal lift under the shell a few hot spots around the toes were popped out when new around the bone just behind the little toe and at the big toe and a custom Amfit foot bed too installed 2 years ago takes up some more volume now. Not sure of the flex I can easily buckle them to the tightest notch on the top 2 buckles due to a narrow leg bone, but the heel pocket is pretty good on this for my foot, but I still get small movement if I flex the boot to the max. Also, I do not want the stiffest race boot out there due to my weight, want to be able to flex the boot.

The Dolomites have worked but are starting to pack out and some cracking of ski boot plastic material right at top of the instep, between buckle 2 and 3. This boot also is probably 6 years old and I have averaged 30 plus ski days per season but still works. I have never been measured for cant or had the plumb line dropped from the knee to the toe but did play with the 3 settings on the Free Carve when new, they are set for the middle/neutral setting. They still are usually warm enough.

2. Based on the above, what do you recommend to give a try for my next pair of boots. Flex rating would not be in the race category, but a high end all mountain boot or where to start?

Thanks for any advise you may have.

If you want a production boot, consider trying the Tecnica Diablo Magnesium.

If you want a tighter semi-plug boot, consider next year's Atomic Race Tech CS 100 or the Lange/ Rossi semi plug boot (again, 07).

Either way, just about any boot should perform better than what you have now.

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Originally Posted by parashakti
I'm buying new boots this weekend. I'm hoping you may have some suggestions or helpful pointers.

49 y.o. female. Black diamond/double black skier, 10 days per year, mostly Whistler. I ski fast "downhill" runs well. Moguls and off-piste challenge me more, but I still enjoy them.
Height/weight: 5'8" 135 lb.
Boot size: mondo 25.
Feet: high arches, high dorsal "bumps" (benign), med width toes, somewhat narrower at heels. Also, I have really skinny ankles and calves.
Skis: K2 Merlin IV about 5 years old. 177cm. I love them, but will probably upgrade within a year or two.
BOOTS I'M REPLACING: Tecnica TNS AVS Womens model, about 10 + years old.

THE PROBLEM: The boots are worn out. If I get them tight enough to keep my feet from sloshing around, my foot falls asleep quickly. If I put them loose enough to be comfortable, my foot can move around way too much. The last straw is that my left foot dorsum (top) has been numb since skiing 3 days last weekend. (I have had medical attention, it will be okay, but I don't want to put that boot on again.)

1) I want a fairly aggressive boot, but versatile enough to be comfortable. I'm considering the Salomon Rush 9.0, Nordica Beast 12, and Tecnica Attiva Flame (women's models). Any comments on these?

2) Are there any other boots you think I should be looking at, or anything else I should be thinking about?

3) Can I take the ski-specific "superfeet" insoles from my old boots and use them with the new ones?

THANKS so much for any advice you can give me. If I were in Breckenridge I'd definitely be coming to see you in person.
This may be a bit late, but thought I would respond anyway.

1. As a guess, I think the Tec Attiva's may be the best starting point, though the Salomon may be worth checking. The Beast is an excellent boot, but is quite wide at the heel.
2. Consider trying the Tecnica Attiva V8, which has a higher instep than the Attiva Flame. You may also like next year's Nordica Victory SM (speedmachine) 10.
3. You should be able to transfer them, though I could not guess on how well they work for you.

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Originally Posted by rx-7
Hi Jeff,

Thanks for taking the time to answer all our questions.

Background: current boot Tecnica Rival X7 (wide/very wide). I am a male skier and i improved my technique since i got the Rival. The boot i am conidering is the Nordica Dobermann Pro 110. I have a relatively narrow foot with a relatively narrow heel, medium forefoot and medium instep. The Rival, as you know, is wide and has a thick liner. The problem is that i will have to order the Dobermann Pro.
I have read that the Pro is medium-narrow especially in the heel and it runs a bit longer.


1. I know it is impossible for you to recommend a size for me, but, in your experience, when a customer goes from a wide boot (Rival) to a medium to narrow one (Dobermann Pro), is it better to stay in the same size or get it one size bigger/smaller? What do you do in these cases?

2. Do you think that if i order the Dobermann Pro in one size smaller than the Rival, it can be too tight?

3. IMO, if i go from a wide last to a medium to narrow one, the boot should be tighter and should stay in the same size. What is your opinion?

4. Theoretically, if i get the Dobermann Pro in the same size as the Rival, do you think there is a chance that the Dobie is too big?

Thanks for all your help!


1. As a general guide, if your boots fit well (in length) you will probably have to stay with the same size. If they are slightly long you can probably downsize. As always, try both sizes if possible.
2. as above.
3. as above
4. sure, as above

Not sure if this is much help, but good luck with your choice.

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Originally Posted by speede541
Hi Jeff.

My Profile: At best guess I am a level 8 skier, 6'1", 205 pounds, working on mogul techinque in particular but skiing the whole mountain. I have a new set of posted footbeds in my Lange RRS 80 boots.

My Problem: I suffered a re-injury of my left ankle at the end of last season, probably due to a type II sprain from two summers prior. As a result, I have a pronounced medial malleolus. The doc has cleared it, and for the most part, the ankle works well.

When skiing, certain days cause the ankle to become irritated at the protruding ankle bone. This irritation is most common when skiing on hard snow/icy/bumpy conditions. No problems in softer snow, non-icy bump runs, moderate cornice drops or on small jumps with good landings.

I can almost always tolerate the discomfort and ski the whole day. The malleolus looks fairly normal at the end of the day (no excessive redness). The irritation subsides quickly and does not affect walking or operating a clutch pedal. No added discomfort skiing multiple days, and no similar discomfort when snowboarding.

My Questions:
(1) Any thoughts on what to do to decrease this irratation?

(2) Your thoughts on experimenting with reducing liner volume around the ankle? I have no reason to suspect this is the problem, especially since my right ankle does not suffer a similar problem. However, gut reaction thinks this might be the result of "ankle bang", if there is such a thing.
1. Ankle fit issues are not only painful, but negatively affect alignment. IMO, you should have your boots either ground or punched in this area.
2. Worth checking, though it is very unlikely to be the only fix.

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Originally Posted by shmerham
Stats: 155 lbs, 5'7", male, level 8ish skier. I have slightly less than medium foot width with a narrow heel and an outstep protrusion (see issue 2) and low calves. I Like steeps, powder, chutes, and trees and fast groomers too. I tend to ski medium-stiff skis (Volkl Mantra and Volant Machete Sin). I use a Rossi Carve ZX boot from 2001-2002 season (I got them as a leftover in fall 2002).


1. When I got the boots the fit was good (I could hardly breathe, but there weren't any pressure points, or hot spots while walking around for 20 minutes). At the beginning of the season they fit plenty tight. Now though, my heel lifts quite a bit in crud, and that's with the top buckles on the 5th hook (out of 6). I can hardly buckle them at that hook.

2. I got footbeds to relieve a couple problems: a) balls of feet going numb on flatter terrain and b) the bone on the outside of my foot, halfway between my little toe and my heel sticks out some (not sure if that's abnormal); that spot really bothers me when I have to steer (bumps, trees, etc) and when I'm on traverses. I had the footbeds worked 3 times and that helped a lot. Enough that I didn't need to go back a 4th time, but 2 years later, things seem to be worse (but not as bad as before the footbeds). Mostly it's an issue with the outstep area.


-Ideas on my issues (why and what to do)?
-Would you start from scratch or go back to where I got the footbeds done first?

Thanks a bunch. Your help is greatly appreciated.
IMO, you have higher volume boots and it was inevitible that they would loosen. I also suspect that the boots are too wide, and that could be most of the problem on the side of your foot.

IMO, the best solution would be to find better boots and have them fit by a better shop.

Good luck,
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Originally Posted by saskishi
Hey Jeff,

My Info:
Im female, 135lbs, 5'8", 22 yrs old, and an aggressive, expert level skier (level 8/9). I raced for a few years, am on the US National Ski Patrol, and am currently instructing part-time. I can ski everything, but prefer off-piste steeps, powder, trees, etc, and bombing the pistes (if the snow off-piste is no good). Bumps and terrain parks do very little for me. I wear size 24 boots, but have very short toes and wider fore-foot (so my feet are like wedges).

What Im looking for:
My dearly beloved 2003 Atomic R:9 boots recently melted in a fire, much to my dismay. With my wide foot, I expecially liked those boots' wider toebox. Im currently looking for replacements, but as a student/ski bum my budget is limited. Instead of buying the latest, more expensive, boots, Ive been looking at past models of atomic boots, which are considerably cheaper. Unfortunately, information on older models seems to have been purged from the internet. Since I liked my R:9s so much, Im looking mostly at similar models, but am willing to try something else if it might be better. Id be especially interested in good womens boots, but as an aggressive expert skier I find that most such boots arent quite up to par.

My Questions:
1) How do Atomics other Ride-series boots from 2003-2005 compare to my R:9s in terms of fit - ie, does the fit of the Ride line (wider toebox, etc) change at all between boots and/or years?
2) How does the flex index change between R:9s, R:10s and R:11s over those years?
3) If you can find out, what were the flex indices of my old 2003 R:9s (the flex index printed on the side of the boots melted beyond recognition)?
4) Ive found a 'womens R:11' on ebay, but I wasnt aware atomic ever made womens boots in the ride series. Is the seller honest (they look exactly the same as the mens version)?
5) If the womens R:11s do exist, whats their flex index, what year(s) did they make them, and how do they compare to the mens versions?
6) Are there any other womens Ride-series boots?
7) Do you have any general advice/suggestions concerning Atomic boots for me?
8) If you know of anywhere online that I might be able to find some of this information let me know - Im more than willing to do my own research, I just havent been able to find anything yet (and Im living in Bulgaria for the season, so online info is my only resource for the next few months).
9) Finally, are there any other boots (from different companies) that I should check out?

I know this is a lot to address, but any help at all would be greatly appreciated! Thanks very much!
1. The fit is quite similar, but improved through changes made to the liners. IMO.
2. The newer boots run a bit softer, IMO.
3. I do not have that info, but I am guessing they called them an 80. I would rate them at approx 100 in comparison to newer boots.
4. they make womens boots, which are still very similar to the mens boots.
5. not sure
6. yes
7. the newer boots are a bit warmer than the older boots.
8. no idea
9. You might like the Tecnica Attiva Flame.

Good luck,
Jeff Bergeron
Boot Fixation
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Originally Posted by Jeff Bergeron

If you want a production boot, consider trying the Tecnica Diablo Magnesium.

If you want a tighter semi-plug boot, consider next year's Atomic Race Tech CS 100 or the Lange/ Rossi semi plug boot (again, 07).

Either way, just about any boot should perform better than what you have now.

What about this years end of the season left-over deals, any paticular boots from 05 or 06 that would be recommended? Should I stay around the 100 flex across all the manufacturers?
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Boots for female, wide forefoot, narrow heels, large calves

Female 110 lbs.,50yrs,
level 5-6, prefer blue cruising 70%, black pow 30%,
wide forefoot/narrow heel,
low and large calf

Present boots - Nordica F8w 23.5

Problem: : severe shin soreness after day 2 :

Given the foot shape, what boot/model are good candiates to try?

(And yes, there are possible fitting options w/ the Nordicas, but not sure the shell is worth it)
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Alignment for Valgus Knee Deformity

Hi Jeff, Do you have any experience with successful accomodation of a valgus knee deformity (often secondary to cartilage loss and eventually leading to total kneee replacement)? What did you do and what were it's effect both on knee pain and ski performance?

Thanks, Si
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Hello Jeff, I have a relatively (I hope) simple question.

Profile: 5"11", 260 pounds, on piste, intermediate, foot is 28.5cm long by 110mm at the widest part of my foot, normal arch, normal heel.

You mentioned a while back that when one is buying a boot that one plans to have punched or stretched, they should consider such variables as "good plastic" as a beneficial characteristic.

I plan on buying a pair of '06 Head S10's (28.5) that feel perfect throughout but for a bit of tightness (width-wise) in the toe box, so my question is:

1.) Are the S Series Head boots, to your knowledge, a decent plastic for grinding and/or stretching?

Thanks a bunch.
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First Boots!

Hi Jeff,
Thanks for all your help with this! I am buying boots for the first time:

Weight: 64 kgs/143 lbs
Age: 18
Height: 5'10 1/2" (178cms)
Ability level: Just started - done a week in Canada, took 5 lessons and was skiing all greens and most blues comfotably by the end of the week in parallel - looking now to go skiing at least 3 times per year and progress from this level. Eyeing up some head xrc 800 skis.

I have been told boots are the most important thing to buy, even before skis, so I would like to know:

1. How much money to i need to spend roughly to get decent boots which will last me some, be comfortable, and give good general performance?

2. Living in the south east of the UK, I'm not sure we have too many specialist boot-fitters around, but I will look - otherwise, I will have to go to a big snowsports superstore in London. Is it necessary to use a foot bed for boot fitting and have a fully customised boot, or will boots be fine where you heat the lining and mould it yourself?

3. Should boot manufacturer match ski manufacturer?

Thanks very much!
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background info: 6'4", 195 lbs., size 15 shoe (34 cm), intermediate level skier, ski on piste

current boots: Norica Next 57

I have a pronation problem, especially with my left foot, and have orthotics to correct this. I'm currently using them in my ski boots and will probably get a custom boot alignment in the near future to replace these. My feet are long but probably average width, maybe even a little narrow. The boots are definitely a little too long, width feels ok. I've got skinny chicken legs so the ankle/shin area also has some space. Even with all the buckles on the highest setting I've got too much space. To alleviate this, I'm currently wearing a second, thicker wool sock. It seems to help quite a bit although everybody says that's not a real solution.

Two questions:

1) What boots do you recommend?

2) Am I ok using my orthotics (professionally made to fit my feet) or do I need to get a custom boot alignment?

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Hi Jeff,

I am hoping you can give me some ideas on where to start looking for new boots. Right now I have a pair of Dalbello Triax TX 707's which I have had for a few years now and I like alot. They have seen hundreds of ski days and are finally starting to show their age.

Background info:

Age: 21
Height: 5' 10"
Weight 205 lbs
Skiing type/ability: I see myself as a level 9 skier. Most of my time is spent on double blacks, steeps, trees, and moguls. I am also an ex-racer (from my kid days) so I still love to be able to hold hard carves on the groomers.
Foot type: I have a wider foot that is also a little bit thicker/taller in the mid section (right infront of the ankle) than most.

I don't have alot of info about my currnet boots. One of the numbers I see on the sole is 150. I am not sure if that is referring to flex or not. One the side of the boot it says 316mm. I am assuming that is the size?

1. What boots would you reccomend me trying?
2. Any info you have about the boots I have now would be appreciated and may help me pick a new boot.


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Originally Posted by Jeff Bergeron
All hail Our lordship, His Majesty the King of the Chickens,

1. Yes, it is not difficult and can greatly help.
2. It is not ideal, but perhaps you could work a trade. Basically, keep the narrower lower shell of the WC, and replace the liner and upper shell with something like the Pro 110 or Hot Rod. Hey, it could happen.
3. Yes, chickenman, you will have to buckle the top buckles tight. Replacing the thin stock liner with a thicker one should fix this.

Perhaps if you send me a little more info, I could use this to evaluate it to next years boots. Here is what I would like to know.

Do you have a high instep?
Do you prefer a boot with a lot of forward lean, or more upright?
What is your favorite boot color? Oops, bad question...

Talk to you again, Our Lordship,
Hi again Jeff,

Thanks very much for the reply. For reference here's my BG info again:

Background: Male, 27 years old. Height: 6'0" (long legs). Weight 150 lbs (yes, light). Expert (Level 8/9) skier. Typically ski ~25 days/yr, mostly soft snow (west coast), off-piste, steep terrain (i.e. not racing on hardpack). EXTREMELY narrow foot, 11 AAA (especially narrow in forefoot), low arch, chicken legs. Current boots: Salomon Integral Equipe 7.0, size 28.0, circa 1994, with standard superfeet insole in addition to stock insole. Recently acquired (for cheap) a pair of Dobermann wc100 boots, size US9.

Answers to your questions:
1) I have a fairly low instep (not ideal for the Dobermann, I know)
2) I think I prefer a more upright boot - I haven't tried many different boots, but I can say I tried skiing 1 run on the wc100 boots with the quickset spoiler - it felt awful so I yanked the quickset spoiler out and things felt much better.
3) I think hot pink is currently a very underutilized color, so it would be great if you could recommend something along these lines .

Thanks in advance for the 2007 boot recommendations! Also, if there's anything discontinued but produced in the past few years that I should look for, I'd love to know that too.

Now I must get back to ruling over the flock...

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Forgot to ask what brands you carry? Do you ever recommend boot lines that are not in your shop?
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I will be in Summit CO starting Sunday. I need help with a pair of Langes. Are you available that week sometime?

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New boots - Flex index


42 years old
Level 7-8 skier (working on keeping hips stacked over feet)
Ski 80% on piste and 20% in bounds off piste, exclusively Eastern skiing.
Main ski is Fischer RX8 at 165 with a Volkl AX3 at 170 as backup heavy crud ski

My current boots are Rossignol Salto mondo 28 (I think the flex is only 55)./ I have four seasons on these. I was a low end intermediate when I purchased these boots

I always were a size 10 shoe, but I have a little movement in my boots on rougher terrain and am looking at buying a smaller boot set up. I have tried on a pair of Salomon Xwave 8 at 27.5 with a flex index of 85 and they seem to fit decent. I don't have much boot selection locally so I want to focus my shopping when I get to try on boots elsewhere.


1 - Is the move from a 55 flex to 85 too much? I am finding my old boots soft as my skiing has advanced the last few years

2 - What flex index would you recommend based on my specs listed above?

3 - If I get a chance to try other boots, which would you recommend I try? (Caveat: I have a slightly wider foot so a wider toe box makes for a better fit; otherwise, I buy too long to get a comfortable width):
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Hey Jeff -

5'10", 23 years old, 195 lbs, racer, hardpacked terrarin, mondo 28, narrow ankle & wider forefoot

1) I noticed you are a fan of the atomic RT boots - what do you perceive to be the actual differences between the Ti and the CS? which would you recommend for me?

2) Are the foam models of the RTs worth looking into?

Thanks for your help,
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Dalbello Krypton

Personal Stats: 6'0" 185 lbs. Advanced Skier. I prefer moguls and ungroomed terrain.

Problem: I skied with an instructor this weekend. He told me it looked like my boot had too much forward lean and it was putting my center of balance too far forward on the ski making the tips wash out. He says this may be due to an overly flexible ankle. When I bought the boot I took out all the forward leaning stuff (the wedges, the spoiler? (thing at the top of the boot cuff in the back)). However, I've been using the softer flex toungue. Everywhere I read about this boot says it is not a very forward leaning boot.

1.Will changing to the stiffer toungue help?
2.Will tightining the power strap and top buckle help?
3.Is there anything else I can do?
4.How do I know when the flex/forward lean is proper?

Any advice is appreciated.

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Wow, what a great service...Thanks!!

Background: 40yr old, 195lbs, PSIA LII, Nastar Platinum - moving up to Masters next year. Skiing on Volkls: 6*, P60SL, P60GC, Vertigo. Currently in Salomon Equip 9.0 (circa 1997?), well used, padded and packed 2x, lower shell cut for more forward flex for free skiing only. Also in Salomon Race 9.0 bought new last year for racing (way too stiff for anything other than groomers!). This series of boots is the most comfortable I've ever owned...I no longer need to buckle & unbuckle constantly or fiddle with fit for 2+ years. Right ACL replacement, and both pairs checked for stance issues, both have custom footbeds for pronation. Extra narrow heel and bony ankle, super wide and low calf, and average-to-wide forefoot with bunion.

1. Looking for new free ski boots to fit my weird foot shape - Atomics are too wide and Lange/Rossi are too narrow in the forefoot. Any suggestions for current or new models?

Thanks bunches, Kris
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A friend of mine needs your help.
Background: female, intermediate. She ordered the Dobermann Pro 100 to hold her relatively narrow foot in UK 3. The stance is good for her, too. The problem is that she does not have access to a good bootfitter. The 100 could be a little tight. She is thinking of ordering the Dobermann 150 lace up liner if the Pro with the stock liner is too tight. You already told me that the lace up race liner is significantly thinner than the Pro liner. But the lace up liner is not available in UK3. It is made in UK 4, though... She has a question on sizing.


1. Does the Dobermann lace up liner (UK 4) fit in a Pro shell (UK 3)? She is thinking of getting the lace up liner in a UK4 and use it in her UK 3 shell. You said in a previous post that the shell runs a little longer than average, so it should work IMO.

Thanks Jeff,

Btw, I thought i'd tell you that the hinge XT works very well.I was impressed with its ability to absorb terrain and was very forgiving, as a result. the boot was precise. I did not feel that it lost its quickness. Carves with straighter outside leg and more flexed inside leg were not a problem, so lateral support was there. Rear support was even better IMO (i bolted the cuff).
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Softening Nordica Hot Rods


I was wondering what flex index whould I getafter removing the top screw stud from the Hordica Hot Rod boot spine. The current flex of the boots is marked as 130. It is quite manageable now, but I find that my legs get tired at the end of the day.

Background: 35yr old male, expert, ski mostly at Tahoe, 70-80% off-piste.
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Boot Advice for my brother

Hi Jeff. was hoping to get advice for my brother.

He is a 34 yo 180lb. 6'1" skier of intermediate-advanced skill level. He skis all type of terrain including off-piste and would like the ability to grow into an expert in his next boots. He is first buying new boots (old ones are over 10yo) and maybe later skis. Now he demos skis like the salomon xtra hot, pocket rockets and other relatively soft skis.

His foot measured 100mm wide and 270mm long at surefoot. he had a footbed made there but ended up not liking their selection. The guy put him in a lange comp 100 MF in a 9.5 which is his street shoe size. He said the shell fit yielded a 2 finger fit. but he could tighten them pretty far and was worried about packing out.

1. Since he has relatively narrow feet and thin shins, would you put him in a Lange LF instead of a MF?

2. LF's seem hard to find now, so would a 8.5 MF work. It was a one finger shell fit. a 9 seems hard to find

3. Any other suggestions besides lange?

4. If Lange, is the 120 too much boot for him?


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