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Shopping Channel Fitness Ornaments

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So who else has bought a break-through fitness item that instead of giving you a slim waist/six pack/peach botton/Herman Maier thighs ended up in the loft/garden/shed?

What was it? Stepper / hometrainner / rowing nachine / Tae bow video / elasticated band etc

What similar type of fitness items has you got that you actually use?

I use a cross trainner and used to use some sort of situp trainner.
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Have to say that I never got the hang of the Tae Bo flash-in-the-pan. The videos are gathering dust.

Treadmill gets used every winter though.
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Just bought a BOSU 'thing' and a balance board which is good fun.

Most of the fitness gizmos sold on the shopping channel etc don't seem to be rated highly by 'experts'. I've heard Tae Bo slammed a few times.

Anybody know which gizmo's actually work and are worth buying?
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the title of this thread made me laugh out loud. I had to come check it out.

the most ornamental fitness item I have is my rollers, which is a training device on which one rides one's bike. I should use it more -- it's the perfect winter short-days cycling option, and it requires magnified balance precision because the bike is very jittery on the rollers. the more I think about it, the more ideal it sounds for skiing.

maybe that's why it gathers dust.
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Just ordered a turbo trainer for the bike. Yes I know they are boring as hell but maybe I can pedal away while surfing the net.

In order to make rollers more exciting you need

a) Full body armour inc full face helmet.
b) Gum shield
c) A room with nothing that can easily be broken and free of pets.
d) Plenty of strong beer beforehand.

Do try this at home
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For the well-decorated fitness home.


It doesn't matter how much you use it, at $15K each* you can put it on a marble plinth and be the envy of your modern fitness art neighbours:

*check if reindeer are included at www.fastexercise.com
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Since I belong to a gym, I haven't really bought any fitness stuff for home since I go to the gym for workouts.....

I do have some DBs for my skihouse and some elasticized bands too....haven't decided whether or not to join the gym up there or not....
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Well, this'll tell you something about me: I actually felt that Tae Bo made a difference for me! Of course, as with most things fitness, I didn't stick with it.

I have all kinds of stuff that I use off-and-on, including a full weight cage, rebounder, Skier's Edge, NordicTrack, and then a couple that Terry got: a step and an ab thing.

None of these blasted things helps me in the least. When I don't use them...
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Comprex, I always wonder about that thing when I see it in the mags...
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Originally Posted by ssh
None of these blasted things helps me in the least. When I don't use them...
Ya mean the abs of steel don't leap onto your body the minute the credit card charge clears? What a rip-off:
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Still using: gravity inversion boots.
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