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Fleece Jackets

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So this year my big investment is going to be a fleece jacket to wear while skiing , and to serve double duty as a general wear around when i dont wanna wear a jacket fleece. Does anyone have any suggestions at what to look at-look for? Do they come in a wind proof form? can i get a good one that isnt really expensive (like over $60)
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check out the marmot firelight...
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try Sierra Trading Post on line

Look here for some really great deals- more than 50% off on mostly higher end fleece jackets like Moonstone, Lowe Alpine, Mammut, as well as slightly lower tier but still excellent brands like Sportif:
http://www.sierratradingpost.com/prod_list_display.ASP?search_type=L2%7E195&dept_id =L2~195&size1=&size2=&gender=0&ShowImages=yes&sq=0 &cont=1&header_title=&special_type=&sqlSearchStr=& sortby=

You probably won't be able to get windstopper or windpro fleece for less than $60, however- the cheapest that I saw was for $72, which is still really cheap. If you plan to wear it under a shell, there is a small downside to those fabrics anyway- somewhat reduced breathability (not an issue if you aren't wearing a shell).

If you tend to be cold or are in really cold weather look for 300 wt. fleece, otherwise 200 may be sufficient (f you are from the Chicago area, I guess you want the heavier weight stuff!) Polartec is the original brand fabric (made by Malden Mills, originally for Patagonia, but now used by most of the high end manufacturers). In heavy (300wt) weight fleece, pit zips are nice for ventilation when it gets too warm. I saw some great deals at the closeout sale at EMS the other day, too (their house brand is excellent), and there were a few North Face Denali jackets left in odd sizes in last year's colors at REI for about $65, but those may be all gone if the closeout sale is over.
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Consider a soft shell jacket

Have you thought about a soft shell jacket? You probably can't find one for $60 but can certainly find many for around $100. Probably a bit more versatile than fleece and definately more weatherproof. Just a thought.
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I have a windpro jacket made by Alpine Design. I bought it last spring at Gart Sports here in town. (I think I paid about $40 for it) I have had fleece before but not windpro. It's great. The jacket is substantially warmer than run of the mill fleece.

You may want to consider Alpine Design. It is a cheaper brand than some of those mentioned above and may let you get into windpro for a few less bucks.
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Thats the one im looking at, it doesnt say what weight hte fleece is though.

Does anyone have any experiance with AFRC Ski Wear, or know if they are any good?
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The big decision with a fleece is to go with a vest or a full jacket. Personally I love wearing a vest and basically live in it all winter. Get lots of pockets nice and conveniant

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