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ski boot demo's????

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Iam from the Buffalo NY area and was wondering if they have such a thing as ski boot demo's,, like they have ski demo's. I always go to the Holiday Valley and Bristol ski demos but dont remember ever seeing any demo's for boots. Do they do such a thing. Maybe at a bigger resort like Killington??? It would be worth going to something like Killington if i could demo a varaiety of boots like i do ski's.
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unless you have something we don't anywhere else, I have never seen "boot demos" I have seen performance rentals but never a boot demo. I think there are too many variables as far as feet and fit to make boot demos's really effective.. Also I suspect that any good fitter would be able to fit you well and you might check with the shop regarding returns if there is a problem. I would think any good shop would stand behind a boot and it's fit. How it does performance wise is the only part that would be hard to guarantee for since we all ski differently and are all looking for something a little different in a boot.
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Nordica had a program through some dealers a few years ago, but it didn't last or work very well, for the very reasons dchan stated.

It's a good idea in theory, very tough to do in practice. High perfomance rental boots will give you an idea, but they are usually a "mid-range" boot, and not really a high performance boot.

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Come to Mammoth people. We have at least two shops where you can demo boots. Footloose, the first shop in town has a huge selection of boots, and you can demo every single one. Kittredge, about a hundred yards up the road also has some demos.

Reno, Nevada is the closest airport, about three hours away, but LAX, and Vegas are also in driving distance.

Oh yeah, Mammoth Mtn. is perhaps the best ski mountain in America.
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Good info. thanks.
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Footloose has one of the best ski shop web sites in the country. http://www.footloosesports.com
It's tempting to go to Mammoth just to try the boots. How far from LA is it?
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Five hours is the normal time from LA. It can be longer if you get bogged in traffic out of LA to Palmdale. You can move pretty quick after that, just obay the speed limit through all of the small towns; Big Pine, Bishop, Lone Pine, Etc. The only mountain driving is the last bit where chains/4wd are sometimes required.
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Tog, if you go, you can check out Suzanne. She teaches at Mammoth.
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Try Kenny's http://www.kennys.com/ in vail too. they demo everything they sell.
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Suzanne teaches very part time at Mammoth.
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Hey 5 hours is about the time from NYC to Vermont. hmmm...surf and ski? (never tried surfing)
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