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Liner Maintenance & Heated/Non-Heated Boot Dryers

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It is well established that using boot dryers after each day of skiing prolongs the life and performance of your boot liners. But I have heard conflicting information regarding the importance of heated boot dryers, particularly with regard to heat-molded custom liners and footbeds.

On one had I have heard that you must use heated boot dryers to kill the bacteria from your sweating in the liners to prolong the liner's life.

On the other hand I have heard not to use heat with custom liners and footbends that were originally molded to your foot using heat, because the shape will change.

Anyone know what the deal is with these issues?
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the word from the bootfitting clinic I went to is as follows,

You need to dry your boots and liners. very soft heat and airflow will do this fine.

Do not use a heat gun or hair drier unless you are on the air setting only.

The issue with heat in the boots especially if you have custom fits or footbeds is that they will deform or go flat if heated too hot however no one will give a definative temp to avoid. I don't think anyone wants the liability of a specific number.
Heat will also soften and shorten the life of the shell and using a heat gun (which the shops will do from time to time) can actually boil the plastic of the shell and that puts out toxic poison so do not do this!

I have found that just getting the liners open to the air will do a pretty good job of getting them dry overnight. a little bit of airflow will speed the process. The most important part about killing bacteria is to get the boots totally dry for a few hours.

Those "happyfeet" heaters really don't get very hot at all. My dad has them and they are warm but not hot to the touch.

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I have a home made boot dryer which uses a computer fan to blow room temperature air through a plastic hose inserted into the boot. It will dry two pairs of boots overnight. I don't know about heat killing bacteria, but I would think that a temperature high enough to do that might affect the liner's fit.
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So far I think my Happy Feet are the longest running piece of equipment I own. Used them with both heat molded liners as well as footbeds and no probs so far. As dchan said, they get warm but not to the extreme. Again my biggest problem with them is not being able to dry 2 items at once (gloves and boots). Course, I could always just buy another pair....
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Go with convection air only. To much time and $ and effort making those liners perfect,the heat will chip away at that.The computer fan set up is the best and most cost affective. Stick your boots outside over night or in the fridge and that will kill the funk. Funk like people don't like cold.
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Any temperature high enough to effectively kill bacteria in your boot liners would do bad things to the liners/boot/foodbed. So I don't think there's any advantage to heating in that sense.
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