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How Much?

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I have a pair of Bandit XX 184 with Marker demo bindings. I bought them used for a little over 300. cnd. The bases are good the top sheet is good, no damaged edges. A friend at work is interested,he said give me a number. So would anyone care to give me some numbers in Cnd $ and I will adjust for the friendship factor. Thank you.
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I'd start watching E-bay and see how much they are ending up closing at.
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What year skis/bindings. I think that rossi. changed the sidecut of Bandit XX in 2001? It's really tough to estimate the value of skis without seeing them.
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I bought them in 03 skied them two seasons for a total of 17 days. I dont know how many days they were used before me.But what I will do is phone up the store from which I bought them and ask thier opinion.
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