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Let`s speak out here: More than 99.9% of the skiing population are missing the awakening! We are talking about a knew kind of skis like the Head xp100. These skis are simply fantastic, and they are opening up a new world of fun .(There are not many skis measuring like this (121/66/106! 170cm/r-12m), and probably very few produced of each brand. I know of Fisher World cup sc, Blizzard sigma or something.. ) In shorter lengths the carving is extreme (fun!) and in moderate lengths (170+) the carving is still ekstreme but versatility is amazing. You can do almost everything with skis like these, and they do it better than any other.

I have skied 20 days on the xp100 and 3 days on the Fisher worldcup sc and they are demanding, relaxing, extreme, versatile, and easy, all at the same time, all depending on what you give them. My girlfrend (total novice), my frends (skilled) and my self (extreme) ski the same skis, an it is a thrill for all of us. One of the worlds best telemarkers has been skiing the Head xp100, and belive me; I have never seen telemark like that! So much turning power and grace. I have telemarked them a bit my self and it was no problem gently shaving the snow with my inside hand for every turn.

The most surprising quality is the stability and predictability combined with extreme power, edgehold, carving, and speed. This is explained by the most extreme sidecut, torsional rigidity, and damping which in sum gives the best snow contact, especially for tip and tail.

Of course skidding (or what you call it when you turn without carving) and mougul skiing is possible with this skis, but that`s the past and technical dead ends. We dont want to be stuck there. Thise skis are the future, and the future is everything from the most heavy carving to all terrain versatility. And these skis has it all!

Carving is the big thing, and we have just seen the beginning of good carving skills among recreational skiers. Carving will be more extreme because it looks more spectacular, it is more fun, and it gives heavy work out. But you dont want (short slalom) skis only for that. People will still be asking for versatile skis, skis to go all over the mountain. Skis that are stable in various snow conditions, and manage deep or difficult offpiste snow.

And the skis are already here, and one of them is the Head XP 100 (this year: iC 200)! In two or three years all ski manufactors will have something like the Head XP 100 on their program. ('Fisher and Blizzard has some this season). The new FIS regulations for slalom will in an unpredicted way (longer skis = deeper sidecut) accelerate the development and acceptense of skis like these, and more people will bring the skis out of the gates and out all over the mountain.