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Restless in Aspen......

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Football anouncers can be heard, that familiar droning about rushing, passing, ..touchdown!
Jackets, sweaters, and vests are coming out of hibernation.
A few are splitting logs and stacking wood for the approach.
The tourists have vanished. There are suddenly very few clean Hummers on the road.
My God! the Aspen leaves are changing colors.
Someone's actually trying to pawn Halloween gear.
Sawe a gent carying a new pair of Salomons over his shoulder down Durant the other day.
Season passes are being snatched up.
Summer, to me, is now a distant memory.
The 05/06 season is fast approaching.

Restless in Aspen......
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Have they put away the bicycles at Aspen Sports yet?
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Did you say splitting wood? I thought they used gas in Aspen.
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gas fire places,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what the @@@@ give me a good ole smoke in the eye wood fire place. it cheaper to if you cut your own.
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People don't be cuttin their own in Aspen.
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Gas is for the rich Saudi up the hill.
Us working Paul Bunyon types like to haul fallen dead wood out of the backcountry on our mules and spend the autum chippin and spittin....
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You probably spend the autum sniffin hot wax fumes if I remeber Aspen correclty. That there is a rockin little ski town.

With Love,
"Neon 1 Piece"
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