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Bandit XX length

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Any experience to offer on most likely 'best' length for Bandit XXs?
6' 180 lbs
level 7-8 skier
30 days per season in the East

I have a pair of slalom skis for the usual hardpack. The Bandit would be for the soft days & trees.

Thanks Bears.
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184 cm.

Oboe likes the 177 but he is lighter and a self-proclaimed mediocre skier.

At your weight and skill the 184 will work on groomed and off.
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Wt - 170 lbs
Ht - 5'8"

I ski the current XX in a 184 and love it for both groomers and off-piste. Since I ski a lot in SoCal, we can get some pretty hard packed conditions, and the XX holds up just fine. My brother, who is about my height and weights 195 lbs, skis the 184 XX as well, with similar feelings on performance and versatilty. If I were you, I would stick with the 184. Also, since you do ski back east, the RPM 21 (Bandit XX with a riser and increased groomer performance) might be worth a look.
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Speaking of Oboe, where the heck is he? Anyone hear footsteps?!!*&%$@#$%^
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Go with the 191 xx. speed is your friend!! Or at least its my friend [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] Trees are also my friend
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A 184 should be just fine, unless your are very aggressive in your skiing style, and will be going very fast. Then the 191 should be considered. If you can: "Try'em before you buy'em!"
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