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As for me, I was (and still am) hopeless at cricket, even though I enjoy watching it. So I can relate to sfdean's experiences with baseball. However, I picked up water skiing, ice skating and rollerblading straight away when I first tried them.
Ditto, I suck at most ball-sports ('cept perhaps tennis) and love skiing, mountain biking, surfing, knee-boarding and diving. Wonder if that's a common thread amongst skiers?
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that probably is dependent upon the individual athlete and where they came up. A good example most Coloradan's know about is Karl Mecklenburg, a pretty darn good skier, but mostly a retired pro bowl linebacker.
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I'm a newcomer to this site (just found it this evening), and how interesting it is. I learnt to ski almost four years ago, and the biggest thing it taught me was just about life in general. If you think you can't do it, you can't. If you think you can, you can. Simple as that. In those four years, I've done so many things I wouldn't have done before, like going travelling in Sth America by myself, having the confidence to take (and pass!) a ski instructor course this year, and I do feel like I can do anything I want, just because I took the chance of sliding down a mountain on a pair of wooden planks when I didn't have the first idea about it.

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Besides the obvious things such as mountain biking, I think skiing has made me a better driver because I'm more aware of the people around me. This also translated to road biking in traffic and riding a motorcycle. It keeps me alive.

Also, I think that all the years of teaching have helped in every aspect of life. I'm better able to communicate with people of all backgrounds and ages (and mental capacities). I'm very comfortable in front of a large group of people in business attire. I just remind myself that it's no different than teaching a ski lesson.
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Hiking. No, really. It makes me much better when faced with fallen logs, creek crossings, uneven terrain. I often blast over that stuff without thinking about it while my non-skier partners pick their way slowly through. I've noticed that the skiers I hike with usually do it like me.

It really helps when hiking the Olympic beaches.
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I'll answer in reverse because I'm relatively new to skiing, but having been a figure skater as a teen (a long time ago) I did learn balance and develop ankle strength that has served me really well as a skier. To me good ski form is a function of balance, body position memorization (the ability to remember how to be positioned) and the ability to process what lies ahead and plan for it -- all things that make one a great skater as well.

Originally Posted by doublediamond223
Does anyone find that being a good skier makes them better at other sports? If so, what aspects? I would think fore/aft balance is enhanced, beyond that I don't know.
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other sports and skiing

I think for me that it works the other way around. I have found that ice hockey and inline skating have helped my skiing considerably. This may be because I have been playing these sports since I was a child, and find it easy to dominate when I play hockey whereas when I ski my competence level is far lower. The balance and body movements are similiar. Cycling has helped with my fitness level and leg strength. I find that skiing for eight hours requires a certain level of fitness, for me. I have also found that excellent physical conditioning is preferrable to skiing myself into shape. I am learning that lesson this year as my road bike, ice and inline skates, as well as my hockey gear was left in NJ when I moved, its a huge difference.
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Rollerblading was a natural extension from skiing for me...I assume that ice skating will be much the same.

I also learned how to mountain bike this past summer...and the leg strength, the balance and co-ordination, and just the overall core strength that skiing has given me paid off in spades. Now I'm a fully addicted mtn biker. 2006 Rocky Slayer here I come!
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