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Alpine suggestions for tele?

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I have been on tele skis exclusively for the last 7 of 8 years. Before that I was on alpine skis over 20 years. I did some racing as a kid and have a definate east coast, carving style. I am looking for a ski to mount with tele bindings that has more snap, pop and response than tele skis. I find dedicated tele skis are too soft and lifeless as if they were intended for learning or just skiing softer western snow. The reality is that life with a job and two little ones limits my skiing to resorts in New England and I like to ski hard, fast and ski on skis with personality.

When I skied alpine (this was when skis were straighter and longer) I prefered race skis that were either stable slalom skis or quick GS. Some of my favorites were the K2 VO Slalom, Atomics 635RS and 737SL and Rossi 7GK. All of these skis had some snap and rewarded strong efforts.

OK, this is what I am thinking and why I am asking for help. I think a current alpine ski for advanced and aggressive skiers could be just right for my tele needs. The problem is I need a flat ski (no integrated binding) so I can mount a tele binding. I found some 04/05 Fischer Race SC which are flat and am wondering what else is availabe flat? I think the Fischer RX8 has the charastics I am looking for also but cannot find it flat. Some other alpine skis I think could work are: Volkl *6, Elan Ripstick, Rossi 9S Oversize and Volkl 724 EXP.

Any suggestions on flat skis that you think could work? I am 5'6" 160 and I guess I am a strong 8 (considering I am not at my best in the deep).

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I know a guy who is a telemark racer. He is GOOD - keeps up with most alpine guys that I race with. Over the past few years he has been on Stockli, Fischer, and Elan for both GS and slalom. He mostly carves turns on groomed snow when he free skis, s the race skis are fitting. He mounts the bindings on top of normal alpine race plates - with even more additional lift i think. So, if youre looking to go toward a race ski you might want to look at those brands - SL's probably. Stockli also makes other flat skis that would work nicely for you.
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I have done some more digging in and have some more thoughts. My priorities are hard snow/ice grip, verstatile turn radius, rebound or snap and stability at speed. I think the Fischer Race SC, being a softer slalom ski would do this mounted with tele bindings and after reading it looks like the Stockli Laser Cross would as well. Does anyone have experience with the Laser Cross?
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If you want to stick with a tele specific ski, Black Diamond is making some pretty beefy ones.
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I have only had bad experiences with tele-specific skis. They tend to be too soft, lifeless, lacking rebound and character. I miss the feeling I had skiing on alpine skis, that is why I am looking at just alpine skis. Also, tele-specific skis tend to be geared towards soft-snow conditions and fall apart on the boilerplate we encounter in New England. Modern tele boots are big and strong and the bindings keep getting bette; tele-specific boards are not a must anymore, especially if I am skiing inbounds in the east.
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I am certianly not trying to talk you out of using alpine skis. I have teled on both and I believe that BDs are the only "tele" ski that feels like an alpine ski. I ski out west and generally don't tele if the snow is hard, so I prefer tele specific skis, but my friends who really tele agressively all seem to be on alpine boards or the new line of BDs.
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