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Is the new B2 more like the old XX

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After reading quite a few reviews on last year's ('04/'05) Rossi B2, i get the impression that a lot of people prefered the older XX model, as it was a bit stiffer and more lively.

I have only skied the '04/'05 model, so cannot compare the two, and although i enjoyed it i would prefer it to be a bit more lively....

I have just recently ordered a pair of the new '05/'06 B2's and after reading a few reviews, get the impression that rossi have reverted slightly back to the XX, making it slightly stiffer, powerful and lively. Has anyone skied the '05/'06 model and if so is this the case?
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if you liked the xx you should have ordered the new b3.

the b3 is more like the xx
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I have never skied the XX, so don't know what it was like...it may have been the XXX that i am talking about, but i don't know.

What i really mean, is, is the new B2 stiffer and more lively than last year's model?
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they are totally different skis. What waist are you looking for? the new B3 replaces last years B2 and xx
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I have not skied the models, but this dimensional data might help;

B2 116-78-105
B3 120-83-110
B2 113-76-103
B3 122-94-112
B2 113-76-103
B3 122-94-112
XX 110-74-100
XXX 123-90-110

I have read that the new 2005/06 models perform more like the "X" versions, and that the former "B" models were more forgiving, but lower performance.

Hope that helps,

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I do seem, to get the impression that the '05/'06 Bandit line is stiffer and more lively than the models of the past couple of years-judging from a lot of comments that i have heard, that is a good thing, as many people feel the last few Bandit models have been too soft and lifeless.

Where did you hear that the '05/'06 model is stiffer and higher performance?
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I have skied on the '05/'06 Bandit B2s here in New Zealand this season, for about ten days. I demoed the B2's and some Legend 8000s for a day at the start of the season; the Legends were my original preference but the B2s impressed me so much I ended up getting them instead. The B2s felt more lively to me than the Legend 8000s.

Our season hasn't been that great but I've used them in everything from fresh powder to hard pack, groomed runs and crud. I am 75KG (165lb) and a reasonably aggressive skier, and I like to ski off-piste. My B2's are 174cm. I haven't really found any conditions where the B2's didn't perform.

I'll be interested to hear what you think of yours, Chris, because my impressions certainly don't seem to match the comments people make about the '04 and earlier Bandits.
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rossi60-thanks for your comments...just was i was looking (and hoping!) for.

From the reviews i have read, it does seem that the new model has been made slightly stiffer and responsive than last years model. For starters the turn radius has been shortened from around 18m to 15m. It also has a more agressive sidecut and "shark nose technology" (aluminium in the tips) which makes them damper in the crud and snappier out of the turn.

Are these the sorts of things that you have noticed when skiing them rossi60?
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Hard to say whether they're stiffer than the old B2s as I never skied on those, though my guess is that they are. My last skis were Atomic BetaRide 9.22's which were quite stiff, and certainly the new B2s don't seem too soft by comparison.

They are very quick to turn, and the very broad and slightly stiffer nose seem to be very good in the heavyish snow conditions we have here. On the groomers they handle well at speed.
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