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Transitioning to Tahoe from East .. ski suggestions?

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Recently, I had the good fortune of moving to the Bay Area from the East and am looking forward to skiing in the Tahoe area for the first time (I have skiied mostly in Southern Vermont). I'm especially looking forward to getting started on off-piste and powder skiing, as opposed to the primarily groomer skiing back east.

Would anyone have some thoughts on a ski recommendation for me? (For demoing this season or perhaps buying a heavily discounted '05 model on spec). I've been a little confused on which category to look at -- whether it should be the 74mm category or a wider ski.

Last year I skied on a primarily carving ski -- Dynastar Omecarve 9. I am about a level 6 skier, 5'7", 162lbs, and was out about 15 days. I did have an opportunity to demo the Rossignol B2 in Utah and found it fairly easy to handle on a few inches of fresh snow.

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Check out the gear FAQ that ssh put together a while back. We were able to compile some good information in that thread. If i were you I would look for something that is 75mm - 85mm in the waist but maintains a soft flex - or at least a forgiving attitude - so not a Volkl. The reason for this is: You are still a lower level skier so you wont want anything that is going to intimidate you or make you feel uncomfortable on the new terrain you are going to tackle. Since you are still not a 100% off-piste skier you will still want some versatility in the ski you are looking for - plus I think that it is important for aspiring skiers to be comfortable on ONE ski before they start to build up a quiver. Check out K2, Elan, Nordica, Atomic, Rossignol, and Dynastar (especially). The non-german/Austrian skis will be more forgiving than those made in Germany or Austria. The Legend series from Dynastar deserves a good look, as well as skis like the Metron series from Atomic or the Hotrods from Nordica. Last years skis will be cheaper, but if I were you I would wait until I got out there and tried some skis on the mountains youre going to be skiing. See what works for you. Most Tahoe ski areas have decent demo centers, so you will have opportunities to check out different skis. Buy what you feel you ski the best on. Also, the second opinion of someone like a ski instructor is also never a bad angle to solicit.
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As a level 6 I'd not suggest a superstiff fat all mountain but maybe something a along the lines of the Dynastar 8000 or 8800; K2 Outlaw, etc.

I grew up skiing the East but I'm a level 9 and transitioned to fat stiff skis like the Volkl Explosiv (replaced by the Mantra), Dynastar Legend Pro, and K2 Seth Vicious. I loooooooove them but not for a level 6.

Just my .02
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