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Need some advise of ski's please

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I am a little clueless about product right now. I have some good groomer/hard pack/little bitty of freshy skis, but I want some fatties for deep days. I ski Whitewater/Sun Peaks in BC.

I have the opportunity to pick up some 04/05 Black Diamond Havocs for $429.99 CDN. Now I think this is a good price. I'm just wondering if these ski's will be the best value for me, or is there something else out there that I should be looking at for the price?

I've searched this site quite a bit, and have seen Line product, G3 product, and jak's mentioned quite a bit. Would these be alternatives to the BD Havoc's? or am I fooling myself, thinking that I could find a similar/better pair for cheaper than what I'd pay for the Havocs?

Any help would be much appreciated, as the majority of you guys seem to have very good pruct knowledge.


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salomon pocket rocket, k2 seth viscious, salomon foil, head im 88, volkl gotama or mantra, these are are excellent fat skis, I ski on salomon pocket rockets and absolutly love them.
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awesome. Thanks for the list.

Just looked at my other pair of volkls, and the base is warping/bubbling. Not sure what is happening there, but I hope Volkl can help me out.

Now I REALLY need a pair of skis.

How long have you been skiing on the pockets? I've heard from a ski technician that I know, that he notcied Salomon skis seemed to noodle quicker than other skis....true? what's your feeling about salomon (un-biased)?
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I've skied my Havocs 4 times. they're mounted with Naxo N01 binders at the suggested mount point. I find that the mount point and/or my binders have me skiing them in the back seat despite good posture. I don't really have a strong sense of what they ski like, other than they feel like Atomics, like a BetaRide 9 series or 10 series. not SKI LIKE Atomics, but feel like them.

I'm not too impressed with them. I think the tele/AT crowd have been on such pinner gear for so many decades that anything new seems great to them. I've skied much better alpine stuff.
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Hey Gonzo,

Thanks for the opinion. We're the BD's not lively enough for you then? On the 4 days that you used them, what were the conditions like?

What I'm looking for out of the Havocs; a ski that can handle ski area powder dumps handlely, and be able to carve decently on hard pack, and crud. I won't be going into the back country that often, either. I have/had a pair of volkl's for generic, all-mountain skiing, but just found I was very limited in deeper snow.

Would the Havoc's take me through anything w/ ease off-piste, w/ in a ski area? I'm not toooo worried about the piste skiing, although I'd like to be able to power through some nice GS turns too.

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matt, welcome to EpicSki! You may get a few more answers over in the Gear Discussions Forum...
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conditions were powder, windpack, crud, hardpack, and groomed but not firm snow.

the Havocs are pretty easy to ski in the powder, but what isn't?

they're good in trees, good in steeps.

where they got me pyst was carving turns on harder snow, I had to keep exaggerating forward weight and pressure bias to keep the shovels engaged. that's why I think that either I'm heel-low in the binder, or mounted too far rearward on the ski, or maybe both.

I am making some risers for the heel portion of the binder to try that first. after that I will try a remount about 1.5cm to 2.0cm forward. after that I will sell them or maybe even give them away, if they're not making me happy.

last comment: they're not very damp when the snow is hard.
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thanks Steve...I actually did a search on this forum, and saw a couple reviews by gonzostrike on the Havocs. I just had some specific personal questions for him, and others about the skis.



thanks for the useful info. I still haven't ruled out the BD's right now, b/c they seem to be a good ski, and b/c they have a pretty tempting price at $430 CDN.

I haven't found a comparable ski that's either new, or barely used, that compares to the value of the BD's that I've found. Oh well, still a couple months till I'll be tearing around hte mountain.

thanks again
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