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Ski Resort Wiki

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Hi there,

We've just launched a new Wiki solely devoted to ski resort facts and opinions.
If you don't know what a Wiki is - it is a website that ANYONE can contribute to by adding new pages for ski resorts, or editing the content that is already there.

The URL is http://www.world-ski-resorts.com.

I invite you all to have a look at the site, and if you like it then contribute. We are aiming to have a broad reach of ski resorts around the world, from big names like Aspen in Colorado to more obsure resorts like Villarrica in Chile.

Wishing you good snow,

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w-s-r, welcome to EpicSki!

It looks like your Wiki is a for-profit site. If so, has this been approved by the EpicSki team per the Terms and Conditions of the site?
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I'm not sure that the post was against the terms and conditions of the site.
You are right, www.world-ski-resorts.com is for-profit :, but the aim of the site is not too make oodles of money, but to provide a resource for balanced and fresh information about ski resorts. Something that we believe is missing on the web, particularly for lesser known resorts in non-traditional skiing countries.

BTW: What did you think of www.world-ski-resorts.com?
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Normally I just lurk and don't post, but...

For a for profit site I would have to say that it's lacking in material and seems to load pretty slowly
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Shouldn't the link read "United State" rather than "United States"?

Though it does include a whopping one resort that's not in Colorado.
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Originally Posted by gebbers
Normally I just lurk and don't post, but...

For a for profit site I would have to say that it's lacking in material and seems to load pretty slowly

The site has just launched, and so, you are right - it's a bit lacking in material at the moment.

The idea behind a Wiki, and the site, is that it is contributed to and edited by a large number of people. We'd like the site to be full of content, but we realise that is going to take some time as people become aware of it. That's why I am promoting http://www.world-ski-resorts.com in forums like this.

We started the site with the barest of seed data for a number of European resorts. We hope that this will grow over the seasons and become a truly useful resource. For this to happen we need keen skiers and sliders to have their say. If this happens then we will have a resource that gives a balanced opinion about a resort, catering for the information that the skiing community wants.

sjjohnston - feel free to add more resorts so that the country page is fully deserving of its plural Jackson Hole is the only resort that I have personally skied outside of Colorado, but there must be others :
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This has been done before by a number on a number of sites.

This being one of the oldest

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The number of ski resorts around the world is close to 3.000, not 800.

Pedro Maia
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I know goski.com well.

As a wiki, world-ski-resorts.com will be more immediate and allow contributors to edit the content, rather than just add comments. We think that will be more useful (once we get more contributions)

pedro -> I think you're right
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