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ARV or Pimps?

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Need some advice. Going with my first pair of twin tip fatties this year. Looking to use them all mountain as well as park. I ski in CO, so the poweder is never "that" deep. In the park I'll be doing airs with nothing more than a 360 or 540, rails qtr pipe. Btu I want a ski I can go all mountain when it's good, or the park when it's thin or tracked out. I'm 6'6" 225lb and currently ski Atomic Beta Ride 10EX in 198. I ski everythign hard and fast, but relatively new in the park, but enjoy the hell out of it!

I like the dimensions of the ARV, but the max is 185, whereas the Pimps go to 193. Since I've never skied anything over a 84cm waist, I don't know if the ~95-100cm waist is going to change the "workability" of a larger ski, or if it provides added stability when going with a shorter (185) ski.


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Consider picking a cheap used twin{ski SWAP, Ebay, friend of a friend, ETC} than you can center mount, slide rails, with no worries. Also you can go shorter for easier spinning and not have to worry about length affecting your all mountain performance. A used quiver is better than none at all.
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