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Advantage Miller

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Bode's playing tennis this weekend at Sugarbush against Guillermo Vilas, who won a couple Australian Opens, a French, as well as the last U.S. Open played at Forest Hills. Some'll recall Bode exchanged volleys with Stefi Graf in a U.S. Open exhibition last year. (I think. Year before? Whatever.) Miller was a New Hampshuh state high school tennis champ before having a little success here and there on skis.
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I bet Guillermo still gets more poon.
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Bode teaches tennis in the off season.
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I was a big Vilas fan back the year he was on top. I remember that US Open match against Conners. Conners was really p#$$ed when he lost.
Vilas also was in the movie Players. He was Dino Martin's opponent in the Wimbldon final of that movie. Vilas won in the movie and never got a hair out of place(he wore is hair about shoulder length back then with a headband)(It was pretty distracting for me in the movie that his hair was always percect)
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