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Line FX 7.3 Ti ???

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I bought a pair of 2004 Line FX 7.3 Ti on evogear for about $130. It is supposed to be Line's carving ski with Titanium laminates. So I went ahead and bought them. I haven't heard any reviews on these skis and I'm wondering how they are? I'm 5'8 155 and am and ex racer so I went with the 175cm. I'm having them mounted with Marker 1200 Turbo Piston bindings to stiffen them up even more. Anyone used these skis or have any thoughts before I try them out or get rid of them?
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I have used them before. The best comparision i can make is to the R11. lighter, slightly(very slightly) softer with alittle bit better Powder skiing albility. Which is to say they are pretty good.

Disclaimer i do not owns these but skied a couple days on them, i do own 165 Darkside(same ski with out the carbon or metal) and love them for bumps and glades. Ok carvers to but thats what i ahve B5s for.
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I believe these were built by blizzard if they are the ones Line came out with late in 2003. Based off the 2003 7.2Ti but without the rod as I recall. I had a pair of the 7.2Ti and they were good skis. Not the best on the hard pack and the turned tail was really stiff. Great ski in most else including slush.
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