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New Fischers?

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Fischer's website still has last years models posted. Any word in when the new stuff will be up? Any news to what will be different for 01-02?
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the fischerskis.com (USA) has not been updated but the main Fischer site has. Don't have the link at work but have been to it and shows the Big Stix 106.
Edit- check out

which is main Fischer site<FONT size="1">

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That was a great link, thanks! I love that Big stik. It is SO huge. If only I had the money to buy me a pair... I'm interested to hear how they actually ride. I like the hardwood style graphics on them also. Matt

Jump- It's always smaller than it looks!
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There are some BIG changes in Fischer's line this year.Last year it was the Big Stix 84. This season it's the Big Stix 106! Sidecut is 135-106-123. Their top slalom race ski and a detuned slalom version have a sidecut of 115-64-97.

This year the new series making news is the Sceneo series. The Sceneo 3 skis have a sidecut of 111-70-98 and are supposed to be a kind of on piste/off piste slalom type ski I think. They have an air channel wood core which makes them lighter. However Fischer has used air channel technology before in their Super Lite series years ago so it's nothing really new, at least not in concept.

Fischer's big thing material wise is a patented type of air carbon fiber that is said to add exceptional torsional rigidity to its skis. It was developed for use orignally by their sister company FACC which manufactures aicraft components.

Exactly where the facts end and the hype begins I'm not sure, but Fischer has always made great, smooth, top quality and high performance stix. I have been a big Fischer fan since I first started skiing as a liitle kid.

BTW I am not a Fischer rep. or related to any
Fischer employee. I've just always loved the ski!<FONT size="1">

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