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Tyrolia Railflex

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Anybody tried this? Looks like it should be similar to the Motion system but can go on any ski. Anyone know any Tyrolia dealers?
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Just got a pair of LD10 Railflex installed on my Bandit X. I skied about 7 days on them so far. In hard pack, moguls, crud and powder conditions.

I'm 155 pounds with 295mm boot length and have the bindings set at 6.5 din for level II. I wanted to move up to level III setting since I ski lot more steeps and moguls now but at level II I had hard time twisting the boots out by force so I was worried that they may be too tight at III. They seem to work well. No unwanted releases at all in such light setting but definitely lets go when the situation warrants. I think the flex system gives consistent holding pressure to the boots no matter how your skis are flexed.

I haven't been able to detect the carve difference between the rails and traditional bindings since I didn't have the traditionals mounted on the same skis before. I was too lazy to make the fore/aft adjustment in different conditions so I haven't test that yet.

One advantage is that you can buy a second set of rail plates to mount on another set of skis, then you can slide the toe/heel assembly off your first pair of skis by taking off one screw and put them onto the second pair. One binding for two skis!

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Originally posted by NCskier:
Anyone know any Tyrolia dealers?
If the NC in NCskier is for North Carolina, then check with the Alpine Ski Center chain in Raleigh, Boone, and few other locations -- they carry the Tyrolia line. I just purchased some Head skis that come with the Tyrolia LD10 (same company owns Head and Tyrolia). The demos of the same model that I skied recently were great -- smoothest ski I've been on -- but it's hard to tell to what degree the binding contributed to this.
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Could this system be mounted and a Head XP100? Thanks.
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