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New Wachusett Chat Group

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Being that the Wachusett chat group on RSN appears to be dead, I created a group on yahoo for Wachusett skiers. Not sure of a way to get the word out to the people that used to use the RSN group but maybe some frequent this board.

The link is --
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Depends on the hours you work. You have to work at least three "shifts" total in the week and possible four if you only work the low-priority ones. It works on a point system. A high-priority shift is 3 points and a low-priority shift is two points and you have to total 8 points a week. It is possible to get two shifts in on a weekday. but not if you are commited to a 9am-5pm day job.

The 3pm-6pm weekday shift is a 3-point shift; it's high-priority because they need lots of people for the school groups. The 6-9pm shift is a 2-point shift. If you worked 3-6pm and 6-9pm one weekday and 3-6pm another weekday, that would do it. If you only work evenings, you actually would have to work four 6-9pm shifts.

What I end up doing is 3-6pm and 6-9pm one weekday. I just shuffle my day job hours to get out a bit early one day a week. I then work one 8am-4pm shift on the weekend.

Let me know if you need more info on Wa, I've been there seven or eight years.
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On a somewhat related note, we live in wellesley and learned to ski at Wa-wa (I am forever in the mountain's debt because it got me at 50 and my son at 15 from bunny slope to loon's walking boss in 2 seasons) anyway, the question is, as I plan on some lessons at the beginning of this season is there anyone on the ski school staff who's knowledgable in teaching metron IX's. I bought them at the end of the season and it would be great if there was an instructor who really understood the metron approach and could help me maximize what I bought.
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skidad55, I sent you a Private Message with info on who should try to get in touch with at Wa.

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wa wa opens

Wa Wa opened at 0900 and (surprise) Challenger is open as well as Conifer..

Whatever happened to this chat group idea?
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Just got back from 2 hours of excellent skiing at Wachusett, skied Connifer the whole time. Good conditions, not crowded. Good first day!

I may go up again Sunday first thing for a couple, anyone else?
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Nice play SMJ!

I am stuck at work today...packed and ready to go tho unclear if it will be sat or sunday.....thanks for the report! Just as well working today, didn't return from annual family festivus in New Haven until about 2am, no way I would have rolled the car out of the driveway at my usual 0530....:

We can hook up for a few when I can be more def on my schedule....I expect to have my youngest along this weekend she might slow you down a bit....
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Hey if you're going, let me know. We can at least meet, and I don't have to ski fast all the time
By the way, forecast calls for a warmup midweek, so get those turns in now, it's winter skiing!
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Hit first chair up today, took about 12 runs as soon as crowd built I was out...like you said, a good first day...conditions were a bit sketchy but cover was good and my new ski's handled it all nicely. I was actually glad conditions weren't perfect, the new boards were well tested...

I mostly stuck to Challenger...a lot of folks way over their heads skiing from the top as usual...didn't want to end my season first day....
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I stayed on Connifer all day yesterday, last time I was on Challenger it seemed pretty flat, and Connifer has some nice turns and a couple of steeper drops. Conditions on it were very good, not sketchy at all.

I will be there at 8 tommorrow for about 2 hours. What time about did it get crowded today? Friday wasn't even crowded by 11.
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I left before it got real crowded, nearly got submarined by an upside down sideslipping snowboarder flipping head over hills at about 1015....I had about 12-15 nice runs in by then and my out of shape ski legs were starting to complain....had first chair up at 0800 so I figured I'd had enuff. The snow they had made last night was wet in places so it was frozen hard and they hadn't had enuff time to groom completely. Wasn't as nice as yesterday I was told. No worries, I got plenty of miles in. It was all good for sure. Challenger was actually much better than topside today...not unusual tho, you should spend more time there IMO. Doesn't have the long flat runout at the bottom from the summit.

Tomorrow you wanna get there at 8:00 ( I actually went up 1st chair about 7:50 today)

I'll catch up with you soon! Thanks
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7:50 it was. Better than yesterday I was told. Good firm packed powder. Delay in opening Challenger lift, so Connifer for two hours.

I started a new thread "Wachusett Conditions and meet on hill." in the Resorts area. See you there.
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