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choices, choices

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so I didn't get to play on any of the new toys in spring,
and I'm up in the air on my ski choice for this season.
Anyone spend any quality time on these skis...

K2 outlaw, 181
volkl AC4, 177
head im88, 175 (which I think is too short, but the 86 is too long )

My 90% of the time ski last year was the Fisher 8.6 in a 180,
it was great size, flex and was great except in deep snow, where you had to be careful not to spear it due to the slightly stiffer forebody.
I also ski a k2 work stix 181 for my AT ski and
I have a k2 chief as well, for deep days, but like to think of the high 80's underfoot ski as my everything ski.

For recommendations,
I ski about 60 days a year now (down from 100 or so before a desk job and kids), I'm a level 3 ski instructor at 6ft, 165lbs and am a finesse skier (meaning I'm weak and can't power a ski or push snow around these days),
most skiing in Tahoe, with a couple of trips to utah, co a year...

Any feedback and impressions would be great...

I didn't like my chief too much...just a bit too stiff for a pow ski.

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Holiday, I can't say enough about the V-Mantra. You are a stringbean compared to me, but as an L3 you have good technique. The Mantra would give you a fairly flexible, but not floppy ski with 130 mm on the tip and 94 mm waist. It will float you high in any Sierra cement. The sidecut makes it versitile, and you still have the Bigstix to fall back on I presume. The AC4 (125-82-110 17.8 m) should be fairly comparable in dimensions to the Bigstix (120/86/107 26 m) last year, but a bit more sidecut. If you are really looking for control in powder and crud, you really need to look at the Mantra. This is not a hard ski to tip onto its edge, and it will not dive or get deflected.

Since you are in the area, it would be great if we could ski together some time.
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Thanks for the vote,
what length are skiing the mantra in?


PS, i always love to meet epic skiers and make turns,
I ski mainly at sugar bowl, alpine and northstar...
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someone must have spent some time on outlaw??

Where's those demo guys who skied em all last year?

How does the outlaw stack up to the chief, the old AC4, the new?

Just looking for a little more unbiased opinion before I call in my order...

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I thought the Outlaw was simply the re-named Chief.
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the chief is 98 underfoot, the outlaw is 88 (right between the recon and chief)

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I skied the AC4 last April at Squaw. At 184 I felt like it was bordering on too turny. 177 would have definitely been too turny. For reference, I'm 5'10, 180.
I loved the ski overall, though. If I buy a fat ski this season, it will be a Mantra. I hope I can pull it off.
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You should give the Dynastar Legend 8800 a look.

I own a pair and think it's a great all conditions ski. It does great on the hard pack for an 89mm waisted ski and does great in soft and chopped up snow as well. It actually skis very similar to the 8.6, but is a tad softer.
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