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Any news on the new Head RD line this year?

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I have the 2004/5 iSL RD slalom ski in the length of 161 and it has been fantastic. Im a bit of a gear nut and like to have the latest stuff out. Im now wondering what the new RD slalom skis from Head are like this season? I know the plate is different but are there any other major improvements or should I just stick with my old ones?
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Head is pushing the Liquid Metal in their race skis including the RD models. Whether it is actually a significant change or just a marketing gimick, I don't know. According to the various Japanese and European sites, the dimensions are mostly similar if not the same. I just picked up last season's iSL RD in 161 because I'm also a gear nut....but a really cheap one. I can't wait.

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Congrats T

Im also a low buck gear nut and the RD line from Head can be bought for little money if you just scout for bargains. Last years model is now for sale in a shop very cheap since the new models are comming. There is a 2003 GS RD ski in the length of 190 for sale for almost nothing including bindings. I dont need them but Im tempted....

Your new skis are really nice. I have been skiing on them all last season and they are truly a great pair of skiis. I only have one pair of skiis so I used them for recreational SL, GS, moduls, powder, crudd, wedging with kidds and teaching in general at all levels and they were a blast. I even borrowed them to a friend (never do that) who is not a great skier but he simply would not swap back to his couple of years old Salomons for the whole day. His skiing jumped from averidge to great in that day. He pulled off carved turns like he had done that all his life and he was faast. I could not keep up with him on the Salomons.

One thing to keep in mind however is that you need to take good care of the base and the edges. Before you take them out into the pist you need to hot-wax them at least 5-10 times. Then you need to keep doing that (1-2xhotwax) after each day of hard skiing. The base also needs to be planed at some time and that should be done by a racing professional tech. Forget the regular sport shop bargain stone grind. The base drys up real quick and if it becomes gray in some place you need to have them planed and that wears out your ski. The edges also need to be sharpened and most importantly the bevel above the actual steel edge, the edge support, needs to be removed and concaved with a tool made especially for that purpose. All race skiis are prepared like this.

Another thing. I had to customize the binding/plate system. With the regular plate and binding the boot raise over the snow surface was not high enough. It was not even FIS height so I made some own raiserplates for an additional 7-10mm I think. WOW, now my skiis were rocking and guys were green with envy....

BTW, I bought the same skiis for my 7y old son in length 120. They are the Jr version offcourse but built much the same way. His skiing whent from childish sloppiness to focused carving in an instant. He really fell in love with them and will not ski with his old Elans anymore. He is now so much fun to ski with.
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