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04-05 Dynamic VR27 GS- any experience?

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I came across these at Sports Authority. Obviously, they have the lifters predrilled for the Neox bindings with the dimples for older bindings. The beta lobes don't extend as far towards the tip and tail as most Atomic GSs I've seen lately. They have an 18M radius @ 181cm and are fairly stiff.

Peter Keelty doesn't have anything on them, so I was curious if anyone had skied them. $299 for a race ski isn't all that bad, so I may pick them up just for giggles. They also have the VR27 Slalom for the same price and the '03-'04 VR17 Slalom (SL9) for $149, and I was tempted, but I have too many slaloms right now.
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No personal experience.
For what it worth, as I doubt you'll get much answers, I remember mixed reviews in the french press : it was said that they lack in performance, but were really pleasant for 'freeskiing' on groomers. Easy, swift, adequate edgehold, but definitely not good race skis. And others models were said to give as much 'easyness' or versatility, with more performance between gates.
Which is kind of sad, when I was a teenage, Vr27 was the cool ski to have !
Dynamic has some work left to do I think.
To be bought at a bargain price only !
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I've only had 2 runs on that ski. I found it compared very closely to the ski feel of the Atomic SX-11 from which it shares its shape. Dynamic use tweaked moulds of older Atomics and developed technology in order to lower production (and wholesale and then retail) costs.
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Dynamic introduced the VR27 Geant for 2003/2004, a year after the VR27 SL.

The SL was exactly the Atomic 9:12, later SL:9 but the Geant was slightly different than the SX:11 (106-65-97/170cm/15m vs.105-66-95/170/16).
Last season the Momentum construction was introduced which resulted in a ski stiff underfoot but softer toward both ends (at least they say so, therefore the shorter lobes).
As Betaracer says, I also heard that identical molds were used. Several years ago all Dynamics were dimension-wise versions of Atomic skis. Nowadays they mostly have their own shapes, maybe some older molds from Atomic?

The "new" VR27 Geant has always been a recreational GS. As I remember the 03/04 ski it was fairly soft, very easy to ski and very turny, almost a SL ski, but, surprisingly enough, good in gates (I only had one run as part of an international ski test). As a ski put into teh "racecarver" category it was, IMO, precisely what a recreational GS should be like.
I havenĀ“t been on later versions.
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Thanks for the reponses. It looks like a viable candidate for tighter course sets or flat, NASTAR-style hills. I might have to pick up a pair.
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Caved in and bought a pair of 181s (the largest size) last night. They also had the 172s, but hopefully I made the right choice in length. Fortunately the lifters are still dimpled for the old bindings, so I don't have to buy new ones.
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