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New Ski Advice?

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: Hope some of you can provide some advice:

Really want to get some new skis; currently using Salomon 8e2S from 1993 (195cm). Am an advanced (not expert) skier, weigh 170 lbs; love a mixture of fall line short turns and some speed cruising; am terrible in steep bumps (would like to get better). Ski mostly groomed; we don't get a ton of powder here in the German/Austrian Alps. Have demoed several skis lately that have me convinced I need to get some new skis; need help sorting it all out:
Atomic SL:9.12 (170cm) - loved them for fall line turns; great edge on ice, very good rebound; as you might suspect, they did not like any sort of longer GS-type turns, lots of wandering/chattering when not snapping off turns.
Volkl T50 Supersport 5 star (168cm) - really liked these; great carvers, stable at speed, not quite as much rebound as I expected (although it was a softer snow day)
Atomic GS:9.21 (180cm) - also liked these for medium/longer turns; great on ice, very stable; felt light. These were fun on the groomed.

The question: any other skis I should look at? Can't find any Volkl T50 Supersport 4 Star's to try; thought they might be good since I am not the expert the 5 Star's are supposedly aimed at. I would like something that has a bit of versatility (especially if I ever can get back to the US West), but definitely want something that can handle firm snow and generate some fun carving weekends. Reality says part of those weekends will be spent skiing with my 10 and 6 year old children, so high speeds/steeps are out when in tow with them. The Supersports are interesting in that they seem to carve well (assuming I continue to improve my cross-under technique) but also promise some ability to play in the bumps/powder on the random days/hours I get to experience those.

Having read tons of reviews, some direct advice to help me close the deal is very appreciated. Given what I currently ski, there must a ton of skis that will provide better groomed snow performance.
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Salomon Scream Pilot 9 or 10 if you really want it! 180 at the most, you most certainly could get away with a 170....
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I just demo'd a Salomon Crossmax 10 for three full days. I liked them so much I bought them. What a fun ski! They seem to do everything. They rocked on soft groomers, crusty morning groomers, 21" of pow, bumps, banging short fall line turns (quite quickly I might add), high speed cruising, long radius bombing, steeps and crud. The only thing it's missing is a really energetic tail...I miss the feeling of loading up the tails so much at the end of turns that it literally pops you off the ground in the transition. That's FUN to me. But, that's also the reason it skis the bumps in such a well behaved manner.

They were the first skis I've found of all that I've demo'd that did everything with success. They don't excel at any one thing, but seem to do it all really well.

Others I tried and liked this year:
Atomic R11. Super quick ski, a blast at banging out short fast turns, even faster and more solid than the SL9 IMHO. Rough in the bumps though. This would be my groomer/icey day ski if it weren't for the bindings.

Screams, X-Screams, Bandit X, Axis X. Very stable at high speed, long arcing turns. Incredibly slow edge to edge in comparison to the R11, Crossmax 10 or any of the old school slaloms I love so dearly. When I say I like to bang short turns, I mean SHORT, fast turns. These skis don't do it too well IMO.

Atomic R9. Fun ski, especially in softer conditions. Too soft to ski really steep, fast terrain on though. Absolute blast in the bumps.

Rossi Cobra X Twin Deck. Another softer ski that seemed to do real well at everything but not totally excel in anything. I never skied it on serious terrain, but fear it would not be enough ski, sort of like the R9.

There's a long list of boards I tried and hated, but won't go there now. :

I still want to try the Volkl line, especially the Vertigo G3, Supersports and P50's...but I'm running out of season. That's next year's goals. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Glad to see you've been having some fun trying skis! I agree that the season is getting way too short for me to try all of the skis I'd like. So, it becomes the 'buy soon vs. next year' debate. I'm skiing Wednesday; am hoping to find a Volkl T50 4 Star and a Crossmaxx to try. You mentioend something that I forgot to put in my opening email: I do love the stronger tail action that provides the 'pop' into the next turn; that action makes the firmer snow days lots of fun.

We'll see what Wednesday brings........
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You may want to give the R 11 in a 170 a ride then, very fun ski and it has "pop" [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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First a disclaimer....I work as a pro-rep (sell skis to pro's) for Fischer.

Having said that I really like their product line. For next year there is the RX 4,6, and 8. These skis essentially replaced the Sceneo which was a really good ski.

I ski 90% of the time on a World Cup SC. It is essentially a soft slalom/hyper carver. It is a superb ski.
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[img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] Thanks for the note. Living in Bavaria, I see lots of Fischers on the mountain. Don't really know much about them. Hope you can provide a bit more info....

Can you tell me a bit more about the World Cup SC? Have read a few reviews that seem to think highly of it. Do you find it comfortable when you back off a bit, making more a GS turn? And does it have the 'pop' when you start making the shorter-radius turns? I liked the Atomic SL:9.12 for those turns, but it was not good for me when making longer radius turns or when gliding at the bottom of runs.

The Sceneo's (spelling?) have also gotten some good press. I have not yet found a place that has them to demo/rent. I am guessing the new skis will be better at all-mountain sort of skiing than the SCs. How will they compare to the SC when on piste? Net: I would love to get a ski that can make quick work of the fall line while also enabling me to have some stability when making speedier, GS turns.

Any thoughts? Length advice?

Appreciate your help!
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I like my Volkl G3's they seem to everything well, they are, IMO the best all monutain ski I've been on. You may want to try them in 173cm I'll bet you like them. I tried the Crossmax and have friends on it, IMO it lacks the edge hold of a Volkl. Nice ski just not a Volkl. I have demoed a lot and have 58 days on skis this season. My G3's have improved my bump skiing so much friends are amazed.
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