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Although I want to keep this all to myself....I'd like to inform you what I found on the forum http://forums.epicski.com/showthread...light=izor+349 very good prices on the izors...free shipping too! 349 with neox 299 with device. Dont buy them all..I'm considering this aswell
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I narrowly avoided grabbing a pair of Izor 9:7s this summer as a replacement for my old T50 5*s which have seen well over 100 days since '03. I ended up buying the 04-05 SX10s on deep discount from STP instead.
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I haven't gotten a response elsewhere, so I will ask here...has anybody had experience with the Izor 7:5? I am considering a good deal on a pair of demos. I am an Eastern 50+ skier moving into the advanced level. Any feedback will be appreciated.
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Originally Posted by Captain_Strato View Post
Just found a bunch of new Izor 9.7's on ebay for $350 to $385 - including Neox Device binding!

I'm seriously tempted!
Just do it. :
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izor 9.7

I skied on these yesterday for the first time very pleased now looking to buy?
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I bought a pair before Christmas and can't wait to get to the snow... (if I can find some :-(

Was seriously disappointed with my last skis, which were Crossmax 8 - they did the job but are boring boring boring - no feedback - like driving a family saloon when I wanted a sportscar. They had to go. Oh well - I boight them ex-rental so serves me right for being a cheapskate I guess. Really hoping the 9:7s will be a good replacement.

Still love my old skinny K2s - fantastic on ice, fantastic at speed. Painful on the knees in slush though, at 20 cm above my head height!
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