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Race bindings & recreational skiing

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I'm looking at buying a used pair of short slalom skis. They are mounted with Rossignol race bindings, DIN 8-18, and I'm trying to figure out whether I'd have to buy different bindings. A couple questions come to mind:

1) Can a good shop replace the race springs with softer ones?
2) I normally use DIN 8. Is it generally safe to use a binding at the very bottom of its DIN range?
3) Is it a bad idea in general for a recreational skiier to use serious race bindings?

More about me: I'm not a racer though I am a very aggressive, relatively good skiier. I'd like to dabble in recreational racing. I'm 170lbs and 6'1" tall. My chart DIN setting is 7 to 8.75 depending on whose chart and how much I ate for breakfast. I normally set my bindings to DIN 8.

I'd appreciate any advice. I'm not looking for the final word here, I understand that binding safety is a touchy issue from a legal perspective, and of course I'd never ski a pair of bindings without getting them release tested at my DIN setting first.

By the way this forum is awesome. I'm new here. I really appreciate all the great info that I found looking through the archives.
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Hmm, good questions!

My thoughts:

1. Probably possible with certain bindings, but never heard of anyone doing this, and doubt any shop would do this for someone off the street. (Plus replacement springs would probably be very expensive.)

2. My impression is that you generally want to be at or a little above the middle of the range. The binding will not perform as well if you're at the very minimum.

3. See #2 above. (Otherwise, the special high-DIN race binding might be the same as the stock race binding, or it might have more metal and hence be heavier but more durable.)

My rec would be to buy the stock race binding with the same mounting pattern, then eBay the high- DIN bindings to some big (but not fast enough to get proform) racer.
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You should also check the chart with regards to your birthday.

The DIN will go down and a shop may not be able to service that binding when your DIN is a 7.

I hope that date is a long day off for you.
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Every shop tech I've talked to says you never want to ski a binding at either its highest or lowest setting. If your DIN is an 8 than these bindings are not right for you and you should replace them. My hunch is replacing the whole binding will be cheaper than trying to replace the inner workings/springs if that is even possible. Check with your shop to see if they know of any racers that might want the bindings or if they can get you in touch with a local race club where you could sell 'em. Take Jonathan's advice and see if there is a 'stock' binding with the same mounting pattern with a DIN range of 5 - 12 or so.

PS. Welcome to the forum!
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Thanks for the responses, sounds like good advice to me!
I'll replace the bindings.
You can't be too careful with your knees.
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