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Someone please explain

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The 'stance' numbers in Skiingmag's boot finder utility.

Thank you.
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That’s the first time I’ve seen Skiingmag and utility in the same sentence.:

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I read the gear guides for the pictures.

As to your question, I haven't read the Skiing Buyers Guide yet... but I suspect that it says something close to the Ski Mag guide in somehwat of a different format as to bring consumers into thinking that marketers don't lean on the magazines as to what to say regarding certain skis/brands/technologies/features.


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Originally Posted by comprex
The 'stance' numbers in Skiingmag's boot finder utility.

Thank you.
Good question! I don't see a definition anywhere, and I'm not sure I grok the numbers. Seems like lateral is easy enough to figure, but three numbers for fore/aft is a bit weird.

(Last year's) Atomic RT is 6/3/0 and Tecnica Race Pro is 2/0/0. Anyone have any idea? Could be useful if I could decode it...
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Maybe maximum flexed angle, neutral position, and maximum "back seat" flex - meaning it can flex toward the rear if the skier moves to the back seat? Just a stab at it though... but it kind of makes sense... although I don't know why you would want to know rear-ward flex; so it may be that the first two are foreward flex and the last one is lateral flex. That would make sense since both are zero.
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The Lange RL1 and Tecnica Diablo Race R are both 6/0/0
The Race Pro is 2/0/0
The Dobermann WC 150 is 1/0/0

I think Heluva is right. The first number is probably the forward flex.

But i don't get it. Why do the Race Pro and Race R have different numbers? The Race R is supposed to have the same performance angles as the retail model.
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Doubting the usefulness now- major features unrepresented

Even the 'lateral' seems tricky as the F9000/8000 is 0, and we know about those.

In fact, I don't see a non-zero value in that field.

The Salomon Pro Model SC Spaceframe is listed as 4/8/0, does that fit your model, Greg?

The Salomon Performa 8/W is listed as 0/10/3 and the Dolomite Rage Pro as 0/6/1.

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Could one of those numbers be the height difference between toe and heel?
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