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Skied today - Labor Day, 2005

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I finally did a snowfield that I've wanted to do in the summer. I've skied the place several times in the winter, but have never wanted to do the long hike in the summer.

It turned out to be quite good skiing, although you'll have to take my word for it because I couldn't get anyone to go along. Here are some photos.

This is taken from the top of the tram. The big white dot waaaaay over there is where I'm headed. It's just below the northeast flank of Rendezvous Peak:

Getting closer. This next one is taken looking south from the entrance to Twice is Nice Couloir on Cody Peak.

Made it. Here are my skis and boots at the top of the snowfield:

Testing, testing... Is this thing on?

I was curious about the pitch of that slope so I brought the inclinometer. It was 23 degrees at the shallowest part (at the top), and 42 degrees at the steepest point about 3/4 of the way down.

Tracks. Not a very good shot but it does at least show that someone did ski the snowfield - twice.

And last but not least... for those of you who have wondered what sun cups are, here's a photo:

It was a fun day but I'm tired now.
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That's commitment!

Thanks for the pics,

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BEAUTIFUL Bob!!! Great pics and as Barrett said, "that's commitment"
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I know that view..that is one heck of a hike!

edit: Oh yeah, making turns on Labor Day...PHFFFFFFFFFFTTT!!!!!!
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You're an amazing guy Bob. Thanks for sharing.
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Bob, you are truly an inspiration. Thaks for letting us all live vicariously through you. I am impressed. How long did it take to get there and how long was your "descent"?

Great work and thanks again.
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Nice Bob!

I finished up my 12/12 months skiing the other day and the snow I skied didn't look quite as nice as yours.
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Nice play!!!!!

.....and some sweet looking s's too!
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ya gotta luv the sport!!
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Bob Peters, you are The Man! You must be in phenomenal shape. OUTSTANDING!! This Bud's for you!!!
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Since there is no smilie here for envy so I'll have to settle for:
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What a fine role model you are, Bob. Did you have to walk to get there, or is there a road?
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w00t!!!! That is awesome!!!!
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Originally Posted by paul jones
What a fine role model you are, Bob. Did you have to walk to get there, or is there a road?

Walked it. His Llama was in the shop.
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Originally Posted by Canyons
Bob Peters, you are The Man! You must be in phenomenal shape. OUTSTANDING!! This Bud's for you!!!

wow he took the words right out of my mouth... snow looks heavy though how did ur skis do ?
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crazy, man.


again you amaze, Mr Peters.
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How many turns did you get in and how long a hike was it.
Really impressive!

Ps. Oh yeah, like the skis
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Great Pics! I certainly hope, though, that when I finally do one of these with you we can find something with a little bit easier access (at least until I get the other hip replaced!).

(to the tune of "The Beat Goes On")

And the streak goes on,
Yeah the streak goes on,
Bob keep pounding boot steps to the rim
La de da de de, la de da de da

Okay Bears, help me out with a verse or two here.
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Whoa - It looks like thats an awfully airy hike you had to take to get over to that snowfield. Please don't tell me this is the trail!

Sounds like you had fun. Wish I was younger.

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Well done! I think I would have passed out about 1/4 into that hike.
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Si, I didn't know you did Sonny Bono impressions.
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Originally Posted by gonzostrike
Si, I didn't know you did Sonny Bono impressions.
I just hope I don't mimic him in certain ways.
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I wish I could ski right now....

Unfortunately even if there was snow I broke my clavicle playing ultimate frisbee saturday so I am OOC for 4-6 weeks:/

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WOW what a skiing god, you are amazing Bob, keep it up.
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Hi, all. Thanks for the nice comments. It really was a fun trip, despite the drudgery of carrying skis/boots/poles/camera/water all the way there and back.

There was a great big rock about thirty yards above the snowfield and I had considered taking my old Heli Stinx with the Dynafit AT bindings and just stashing them under the rock for future visits. That would lessen the load on subsequent trips, but I waffled on whether I would want those skis or not. So, in the end, I hauled my skis over and back and probably will again.

Here are replies to a few of you with specific questions...

RiDeC58 and others: It took me about and hour and forty-five minutes to hike each way from the top of the Jackson tram. It's a very up-and-down route with some scrambling, a pretty miserable scree slope to navigate, and a lot of boulder-hopping. The "descent" is probably only about three hundred vertical feet.

zion zig zag: I'm proud of you. Welcome to the fraternity. Unlike most fraternities, however, the hazing gets worse as time goes by. You start looking for stranger and stranger places to go ski in the summer.

Canyons: I'm in pretty good shape, but I'm a hacking, gasping, old geezer compared to some of the people around here - including some people who are older than I am. The nice thing is that the hikes help keep me in moderately good shape for when the "real" ski season arrives.

paul jones: No road. There's a good hiking trail to the top of Cody Peak, which is the nearest peak in the first picture. From there, the route drops off the southwest face of Cody through a very indistinct and confusing series of steep scree areas separated by small cliff bands. I've been through it a few times now but I still got lost on the way back yesterday and spent about five minutes coming up a little chute that turned out to be a dead end.

Volkl Dude: The pictures must make the snow look a lot heavier than it was. The snow was actually very, very good. About the top inch was soft and slushy and it was firm underneath. If it hadn't been for a few sun cups and runnels, it would have been outstanding. As it was, I was very pleasantly surprised at how good the skiing was. And those skis work just fine for practically any conditions except really deep, thick powder.

Gary Dranow: 27 turns on one run, 25 on the next. I like the skis, too. They make for a very good backcountry setup - they're pretty light and handle most snow conditions very well.

Si: Come out the first part of June next year. We'll do the route we were going to ski this July until the weather jinxed us. That one is way fun and very easily accessible.

YoungOldTimer: Luckily, that's not the route. My line took me across the ridge at the extreme upper right edge of the picture. From that little point, I went down the edge of that ridge to the saddle that's in the shadows. From there, I contoured around through the shadows until coming out on the next saddle (in the sunlight) just before the snowfield. The route you marked is very, very steep with a whole lot of exposure to the left. Airy indeed. :

Alphonse: Sorry to hear about the shoulder. Good luck with the healing. At least you've got a little time before ski season.
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Originally Posted by Bob Peters
I'm in pretty good shape, but I'm a hacking, gasping, old geezer compared to some of the people around here
Bob, you are such a liar...
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Bob, Warren Miller's team should be following you around one summer and do a synopsis of your journeys! That would make a great segment. Thanks for providing us with the pictures and inspiration. You are the true spirit of skiing!
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Pretty impressive trek, esp solitary. Did you carry a cell phone or other comm device in case of trouble?
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Great, Bob! I got month 11 of my TAY on Sept 1 at St Mary's Glacier, a permanent snow field on the Front Range just past Idaho Springs. Of course, I found when I got to the top that I had forgotten my camera, so I have no pictures, but here's what it looked like in August and July:

Ascending with Spencer the Mountain Dog

The steeper part of the slope- what I skied on Sept 1 (also skied from the top in July and August)
The bottom of this was melted out in Sept. Although it doesn't look it, this is about 25 degrees. Altitude is about 10,500ft

The snow conditions last week were certainly not what Bob was lucky to have had. This was about a half inch of corn and dirt over rock-hard suncups. I had foolishly not brought my ice axe or crampons, and the way up (it is only about 150 vert ft for this steeper portion) would have been a long slide down, considering the rocks at the bottom. Kick-steps gave me about 3/4 inch purchase with my boot tips, and I could get my ski pole tips in with each step. One run of about 8 or 9 turns was enough for me to say that I had done it, but not exactly great skiing.
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http://forums.alpinezone.com/modules.php?set_albumName=waterfalls&id=Rendezvous 2&op=modload&name=gallery&file=index&include=view_ photo.php

Thanks for sharing....very inspiring. Sorry for the poor resolution, thought this image might show a diferent perspective on your trek.

When I was living in the valley a popular early summer "earn your turns" hike was then referred to Peak 10550 which I think has been named Albright Peak. It's just north of Death Canyon. Have you skied it yet. It does not ski as steep as it looks.
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