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Ski/boot advice (I know, how original.....)

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Me: 31 y/o father of two little girls, 5'10", 150 lbs, level 7/8, never ski'd west of Iowa but I sure hope to, live in and ski the Mid-Atlantic.

This will be my 4th ski season after an 8 year hiatus. I learned as a teenager but took some time off due to college poverty, living in Texas, etc... I've come from a basic intermediate skier a few years ago to an all out addict who is very comfortable on the black runs, including the double d's, offered around the mid-Atlantic area.

My local ski shop recommended Volkl 4 Star 168's last year which I never got around to buying before summer set in. It's time to buy so before I march down there with daughter in tow and plop down the AMEX card should I consider any other ski's? Should I pony up for the 5 stars and save having to buy them in a two years after I decide the 4 stars are too basic? Are the 4*'s going to seem too basic in a year or two?

I just want to be sure that I buy a ski that I won't outgrow in another season's time.

Question series #2:
About which boot flex am I looking for? I am a life-long member of the chicken leg/skinny foot club so I'm a little limited as to which boot is right for me, at least I think so.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for any advice!!!!
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The ski looks like a good fit, the 5* will give you much better high speed performance, but not much else over the 4*. Is high speed skiing important for a family man out with the kids? Lets hope that problem is a few years off...

Check the FAQ section pinned to the top of SKI GEAR DISCUSSION; this will help you out with boots & Skis. Feel free to buy the best performing recreational boot that fits well...

Also go to http://www.bootfitters.com/custom_boot_fit_tips.htm for more boot data

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I agree about the 4 vs. 5 star assesment, for your weight, the 4 will be fine. As far as the boots, liik for some lower volume boots such as some Tecnica lvl's.
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Thanks guys!

I will be a family man out with the kids, actually only my eldest who will be skiing for the first time this year, but I will also be the family man out with his fellow family men friends skiing the blacks at least half the time. Is the 5 star going to be too much ski for me? My only concern with the 5* is lower speed handling when I'm with my daughter. High speed stability is important to me especially if I continue to improve. Should I think outside the Volkl box?

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Where in VA do you live?
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Low speed handling on a 5-Star is not a big problem. I know of several instructors that have used them. Any ski can be made to side-slip, wedge and traverse. The 5 happens to like higher speeds and rewards that behavior, but I hadn't noticed punishment for going slow. You will find this ski can be dramatically changed by how you tune it. Keeing the tips and tails very sharp will make it less forgiving as it engages turns aggressively. If you need more forgiveness and slip, or faster edge release, carefully use a gummi stone to ease the edge at the extreme tip and tail a little at a time.
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Originally Posted by Coach13
Where in VA do you live?
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I'd go with the 5s, myself. That gives you a lot of upside and no real issues at the low end (lots of folks teach never-evers on 5*s). I just don't think the 4* is enough ski, in general.
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To the ski store I went a week ago, sans the daughter, and plopped down the AMEX in exchange for Volkl 5 Star 168's with the AT bindings and a pair of Salomon Performa 7.5's. Yes, I'm wearing the boots around the house to "break them in."

Life just couldn't be better.........

There, now you all may breath a collective sigh of relief!
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careful not to crack tiles with your boots
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