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PCMR or Deer Valley

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East Coast instructor looking to work in Utah.

PCMR or Deer Valley?

Any comments?
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Deer Valley has the rep of being the best ski school in town, and it is well desevered. You get the high end clientele and more $$ in tips. That rep, however comes with a price. They have something like 500 instructors and, as a newbie, you will be LOW on the totem pole, often teaching the rug rats & snotty adolescents. Many locals in town part time there and it seems to be a good deal for family passes, etc.

PCMR, where I used to work, is also a pretty good school and they also have about 500 instructors too. I haven't been too dialed into the place since it was 10+ years ago since I last taught there, but it was a pretty cool scene. I do know that my management buddies never seem to find enough seasoned instructors for the work load.

The Canyons, I don't know much about since ASC took over. It used to the be the last stop for instructors on their way down and out of town, but that was when it was Park West/Wolf Mountain.

Any of these places have large staffs and don't expect to get personal treatment, even if you are a good skier/teacher as there are just too many other instructors in line in front of you.

Good luck, get a place ASAP, as it's filling up fast around here and enjoy!

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Deer Valley vs PCMR

Thanks for the info. Seems like the standard stuff for many ski schools and resorts.

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Some Aussies I know reckon the pay rates at the Canyons are actually the highest in town! I was surprised but they assured me it was true.
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what does the Canyons start thier instructors at for an hourly wage?
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