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Rossi Scratch BC

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Has anyone skied the Rossi Scratch BC or the Rossi Sprayer BC? If so, what'd ya think?
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I haven't skied the Scratch, I ski Pocket Rockets. However, if I were to try another ski, it would be the Rossi Scratch. These are basically powder skis that can also get you down the groomed slopes.

The folks who inhabit the Powder Magazine forum (Maggots) are real hard core. They like stiff boards and basically spit on soft skis like pocket rockets and don't comment much on the Scratch BC. They fantasize about breaking land speed records on their skis and feel that flexible skis won't do. Don't listen to them - you need some flex to work turns on the powder. The flex also pulls the ski tips to the top of the powder. When I tried making a powder run on regular skis, as soon as I slowed down, the tips dove like a WWII submarine. I had to look for my skis under three feet of powder - not fun.

Here are some links to a few user (actually skied them) comments from Powder Mag Forum:

http://forum.powdermag.com/forum/sho...sb =5&o=&vc=1

http://forum.powdermag.com/forum/sho...sb =5&o=&vc=1
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