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The Ultimate Travel Mug Thread.

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Allright well I am an obsessive coffee drinker both on the way to and from the mountain...and I love my travel mug. Got it at Frontside Grind, a coffee shop in North Conway. Quite frankly its too small, the insulation on it sucks, and its been missing its top for a year or so but its still here..
.Plop it in the cup holder, put on some good tunes and, WAH-LA, simple contentment for hours on end

Well, so anyways tell me about your travel mug and where you got it and where its from!!! Rejoice in the travelling skiers greatest friend:

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the basics ..

Any mug of the paper variety will do.

#1 You never have to remember to bring it in to wash it.

#2 No exotic place to remember or remind you of past blunders or dollars squandered. It says something like "Dunkin-do-nuts", "Do-drop-in-diner".

#3 When you are done, toss it out the window.

#4 You have just introduced some convict to W-O-R-K, "litter partol" in service to "the community".
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7-11. Big, I think about 22oz. They fill it for the price of a small cup.

Nice picture!
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I have two.
#1 (for first 20 miles to the mountian) An old beat up Dunkin Do-Nots with a broke off handle but the lid is still good.
#2 (for the second 20 miles to the mountain) a stainless steel "Jeep" mug my daughter gave me for Christmas two years ago. Plugs in to the lighter socket and the last sip from the second cup is hotter than the first cup was when I left the house.
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I got my mug at Dutch Bros. Coffee in Eugene, OR. Truly good coffee, very good mug. The mug:
  • doesn't leak around the lid,
  • fits into the hole in the console where mugs are meant to go,
  • has rubber hand grip protuberances around the bottom two-thirds to avoid slippage and the dreaded McDonalds' Lap Dance,
  • a large, non-leaky, and well designed sip hole
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I've got scads of 'em.

Sheetz (x2)
Auntie Anne's Pretzels (too big to fit in the car holder, so not used much)
Rehab hospital advert.
Little Stinker Stations from out west somewhere

They get used and then roll around on the floor of the car for awhile until I run out and then have to bring em back in the house to be run thru the dishwasher.

The trick is to keep all the different size lids straight in the cabinet.
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When it comes to coffee I only drink two a day....

... two POTS that is.
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First off... What the heck is WAH-LA? Do you mean "Voila", the French word for "there"?

I don't have time to drink a cup of coffee on the way to the hill. A grand total of 5 minutes might allow me to shoot an espresso. I usually buy a cup in a paper cup and drink it the gondola on the way up. My work cup is by Trudeau and seals well and keeps my coffee hot. I usually have cup at home before I leave, and then have a fresh to-go which I sip throughout the morning.
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some of those plastic mugs will hold some skanky flavors, so if you get some pizz-poor Conoco coffee in there you will be forever sorry.

this I know from experience.

the nicest travel mug I own actually comes from Star#ucks, it was an Xmas gift from my aunt and uncle. the top has a gasket where it screws to the mug, and the drink hole has a press/tolerance-fit plug mini-lid. the mug is a stainless steel vacuum thermos model that has kept coffee and yerba mate warm for several hours. the stainless steel liner means I can put anything in there and it doesn't affect the taste of whatever goes in there later.

I put a sticker over the Star#ucks insignia and all is right with the world.
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I don't drink cofee but a good friend uses a Tim Horton's mug
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Mate? Yeeks!

We had an exchange student from Argentina once and her parents sent her a mate stash. It tasted like a wet ashtray:.

On the other hand, I never truly appreciated REAL coffee until I went to Guatemala. The mission there runs a coffee cooperative. The common room had two urns of fresh roasted,ground, brewed local coffee going at all times.
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