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Hi All - newby here so be gentle, but have it on good info that you might be able to help me!!
Me and other half off to Vail next season working for a well known UK tour op and got some vail q's!

How good and i mean, really - are the buses - will they really be running at 7am for me to be able to get from west to east vail in time to cook breakfast?
How long will this take to bus or drive?

And, does anybody know much about internal flights around usa? will carry on if anybody does!

Anybody on here going to be in Vail this season? SO excited, under 3 months to go. (seasons done all over france, but this is a whole new ball game!!!!)

thanks in advance if anybody has any good info! (or can give more good info on where is good for west vail watering holes!

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Welcome, biscuit

Good to see you here!
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taking your advice......!!!
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The area is bigger than you may think. Taking a bus across town in the morning, with many pickups and drop offs at all the complexes in between will take more than 1/2 hour midweek and might be crazier on weekend.

I also think you'll have to change buses. The bus system is designed more so to get you from housing to the closest lifts than to get you across town.

Meet friends for lunch and dinner. Breakfast is too close to prime ski time
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Welcome Biscuit Bklymtrayc made a good point, but the bus isn't too bad. You should love vail as it has better snow than Europe in a general sense, but it will probably be quite a bit smaller than than many of the French Mega areas. Hang around often as there's a wealth of terrific info here and again WELCOME.
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Cheers guys, we will have a car between the 5 of us and the others are running chalets very close to where we will live so hopefully I will be able to use it most mornings!!

Really excited about the powder potential and hoping its going to be a wicked season. If there is anybody who has anything else to add would be v grateful!!

Just battelling with JKF / Newark - Denver flights. Found v cheap Heathrow - JFK flight so have few days at beginning of visa in which we want to stay in New York before we go to Vail for a season of work! That all works out cheap, but internal looking pricey..... Any new yorkers know of good cheap hotels there - Thirty Thirty getting our bet at the mo!!!
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There's no such thing as good AND cheap in NYC. Best case is it's just okay and you can afford to pay the bill if you buy groceries each day. The best way to stay in NYC is "with friends".
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Didn't think so!
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Biscuit, do you mean the £239 offer that BA are advertising?

You might get a better deal by ringing Trailfinders 020 7937 5400, and asking them about flight prices - you could probably get a stopover deal with them for a good price. (alternatively, I think they are offering return flights to Denver for around £320, so maybe if you wanted, you could stay in Denver for a couple of days before driving up)
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Hmm - had lots of thinking about it and decided as we will prob have 10 days spare at the end - maybe just go on the flights we are already allocated and maybe do a return JFK/Newark from denver in May for a few nights rather than try and do it at beginning.... all v confusing with so little time to make decisions!!!

Still looking for any Vail-ites out there!!!
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