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In SKI THE WHOLE MOUNTAIN by Eric and Rob DesLauries, on pg 27 is a simple exercise #3." Lift each ski until your thigh is parallel to the snow surface..etc. In the picture above the text the skier has the lifted foot/ski about 1/2 boot length forward of the stationary ski. The lifted ski is parallel to the snow. Trying this exercise at home I find that I have to slide the lifitng ski at least a full boot length in front of the stable boot or the tail of the ski raises considerably higher than the tip. I can also lift my toes of the lifting boot and really press them into the top of the boot to accomplish the paralell lift with the feet in the proper place, but I don't think that this is the intended manuever. I have had my boots worked on and foot beds examined by a boot fitter last year. The skis are Atomic sx:9 with integrated bindings that I believe could be moved forward or back by adjustments on the rail. ( I don't think I still have the instructions on how to do that, but remember someone else discussing it in the past. The bigger question however is should I even attempt to move the binding or is there a primary fault with my body mechanics? Sorry to admitt that I have been puting my boots and skis on in the house and practicing tipping on edge and all but it's almost October and I want to be ready. Any comments or suggestions?: