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advice requested pre-teen ski boot

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I am hoping someone can provide some advice.
My 10 year old daughter, 85 pounds, 56" (all muscle from 3 seasons/yr soccer) needs new ski boots. Unfortunately her foot has done most of its growing and she is a Womens size 7 (childrens size 5).

She is an advanced skiier, starting to get the hang of body seperation and good edging on the Colorado blacks. I want her to have a 3 buckle boot.

Anyways, I want to do some home work on some suggested boots. Up until now, she had been in Kids boots which have been fine, but some shops are telling me that Junior boots only go up to size 22-24. I believe she will need a 23.5 or 24. I am not worried about providing growing room since she had two other younger siblings who will inherit them.

Can you please tell me about different Junior boots to choose from?
What about softer flexing adult boots?

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I would stay away from an adult boot. I have seen kids show up in lessons w/ them and it looks like the old knee high Nordicas. I know head make some nice junior boot up to 26.5 or 27 depending on the model. If she is skiing with those blacks using turn shape to control speed and she can flex them in the shop i wuold try the RS 40, then work your way down the line till you found the on that she could flex.
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Also consider a female spicific boot. And yes, Jr race boots go up to 26 or more.

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jr boots

thanks for the advice. At least now I know I need to be patient and wait for the local shops to put some Jr boots on display since many of the shops are still in Summer mode. I just tried Williams here in Deerfield IL and they still have all Patio funiture, Dick's (formerly Gallyan's) is waiting another week. Both are saying their new stuff hasn't come in yet. I'd definitely prefer to by a proper model, but older model Way on sale.

I need to size her most importantly and then narrow the selection.

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I have a top quality, new, never seen snow, Atomic 2004/2005 B9 ladies intermediate ski boot.

I purchased the ski for my daughter, but she needed a larger size. I live in Chicago, if you want to try the boot. I am asking $149.00

Michael Barrett
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Pretty easy answer. Find a good shop, not a "big box" type of shop. Take her out now and spend a day trying on boots. Try on a few different brands because each line will have it's own characteristics that deal with the volume and shape of her foot. Then take her to a second shop and compare the details. Take some notes. Have her spend a while in the boots that you are deciding on (five minutes won't do it).

You will have no trouble getting her into a four buckle boot. I can hardly tell the difference between my adult Lange L-10's and my sons junior version. Junior boots run the full range. I am 170 pounds with a nine and a half shoe, junior racer is 150 in a mens nine but, he will still be in a junior race boot this season. At her weight be cautious regarding an adult boot or a junior race. She probably does not have the weight or power to stay over the boot (stiff flex) and remember that the flex in a 72 degree store is way softer than it will be at 25 degrees on the hill.

Make sure that there are micro adjusters on the buckles themselves and have the initial fitting done with a thin sock .... I'm sure that at that age there will still be some growth.

You can also lease a high end boot for a season often with the provision that they will make adjustments if there are changes .... about a $100 if my memory serves.
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