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Diablo Fire Vs XT24

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I might have the opertunity to pickup some 04/05 Diablo Fires for an extremely reasonable price. I currently ski a Tecnica XT24 race Which is an excellent all mountain boot for me. However I have been skiing more park lately, and thats just not one of the Xt's better traits. Unfortunetly this is one of those jump now or lose the deal situation or I would go find them at a shop try em on etc. the boots in question are a 25.5 , My Xt's are 303mm shell. How different of a fit are thease boots? Meaning should I size up or down when comparing to a XT shell. Do the Diablo's have decent hard snow performance? Will they even come close to comparing to the XTs response and quickness. I am going to keep the Xts or upgrade{Diablo 130+} for non park skiing.
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I have the XT-17. I tried the Diablo Fire last season.

I have a narrow foot and although the Fire did a good job in holding my heel relatively well, the forefoot was too wide.
The Fire has a different fit. It is a V shaped boot w/ narrower heel and wider forefoot. The XT is a low volume boot and if you fit well in the XT, the Fire will probably be too roomy. The Fire will be significantly softer than the XT24.

Decent hard snow performance? the diablos are a dream.
The Fire will probably not ski better than your XTs but the Race Pro will. Much,much better.no comparison.

Since you consider the XT24 plug a good all mountain boot, you could try the Race Pro 130 which will be significantly softer than your boot.
The Race Pro will be more confortable and warmer than what you have.
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those two boots are entirely different. If you love the xt, try the Race pro.
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The 25.5 mondo diablo fire will be somewhere in the 290's in boot sole. Seems like the XT24 you have is a 26. You should downsize for sure, they are a much roomier boot. But, I wouldn't get them at all if you are someone who freeskis a xt24.....you'll think the fire's are a joke unless you're only sking them in park. I would either soften your xt24's, or try to find a used set of xt17's, try them, and soften them if need be.

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I forgot to mention one thing. The Race Pro is not as low volume as the XT, which is good for a lot of people but bad for others.

If you have a narrow foot and want a warmer and more confortable boot, you could try the Race Pro. If you want a boot that is tighter, look at the Race R.
It is much lower volume than the Race pro, it has a Dobermann lower with a Tecnica cuff and the same lace-up flow liner (except for colors). It does not compare.
Yes the Race R will not be a good park boot, but it will be much closer to the XT. FYI, the Race R is lower volume compared with the XT.
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Xts Vs Fire

for all of everybody's advice/feed back. I think I am going to pass on the fire's{if anybodys intrested PM me} Yes I really do think the Xt24 is versitile plug. I love it for skiing bumps as much as I do its hard snow performance. it is a great steering/pivoting boot, a drivers boot that really shines when worked. However it also holds its own carving short to long arcs. So I do not plan on softening them at all , as they are dialed in for me. I am praying Tecnica will take good care of me, as they have in the past. I have sent back a pair of defective{maybe} 03 XT17s. The cuff on the right boot split{right leg tele turns} from back/forward .25in to 1in after aprox/ 2 seasons. I guess I will find out in the next couple of months if they will honor the claim. Thanks for all your feedback. I am considering the Diablo 130 as my 1st choice.

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[quote=Buffoon]I am considering the Diablo 130 as my 1st choice.

That is a very good choice.
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