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This Rossignol 9S slalom race ski has the graphics of the 2002 T Power 9S Plate, but is otherwise almost the same ski that the following season became the 2003 World Cup version: length is 158cm (T Power sizes in that range were 150 & 160), metal & rubber Power Pulsion plate (not the cheap plastic plate of the T Power), sidecut is 115-64-104 (almost identical to WC 115-63-104, and completely different from T Power 103-65-93), rounded metal tip (not the T Power offset plastic tip). Predrilled for Rossi/Look Axial/Pivot bindings, making it easy to remount plate to accommodate different boot sizes or experiment with fore/aft position. USSA-legal for J1/2 women, but not men, although okay of course for masters of any gender, high school leagues, and some college leagues.
Purchased part-way through 2003 season and skied on for 18 half days and evenings plus 11 full days (yeah, I keep track of all my ski days...); a little over half of these were in gates (training or racing), the rest just free skiing. Edges are *very* sharp, with lots of side edge left for future sharpening. Bases have just minor scratches and would be nearly perfect after a stonegrind; have never been stoneground, so all of the original base is left. Some cosmetic chipping of the topskin at the tip; currently have dense protective foam on the forebody of the ski like this:
Bindings are Rossignol Axial 140 (adjustment range of 5 to 14); only very minor lift given the premounted plate.
Pictures available soon.