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Speaking of '05-'06 websites (as some have been), I recently looked at K2's (I have no idea how long it's been up).

Two things struck me:

- No race skis. At all. I don't know if they still exist, but they're not showing them on their website. Part of a brand specialization strategy in which Volkl becomes the sole race brand? I don't know.

- This quasi-Animal-House theme they've got going is just goofy. I don't know what demographic they think they're marketing to, but I'm not in it.
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I'm wondering the same thing about the race skis. I really like my K2's, but now I need a race ski and they don't seem to offer anything. I don't really have a problem with the theme, it's at least better than "Area K2"
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Re: Race skis.

They still produce them - they're in the 05/06 dealer catalog. However, K2 has completely dropped all race support techs/ van guys, etc, so I don't know why any competitor would buy them.

Re: Animal House.

They played this up big at last year's Vegas show and it was hilarious. They all wore "Kappa Tau Omega" frat sweatshirts (K2 ticker KTO) to the show..They had the toga party scene from the movie professionally re-shot with various K2 'personalities' playing the major roles. People laughed for days.

They must pay their agency a fortune.

PS: Just got the new issue of "SKEEZE." I guess it's a K2 funded "replacement" for the now-defunct FREEZE Magazine.
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We have discussed it here not so long ago, maybe July. I wrote that the race skis were in the catalog and someone added how K2 finished their race activities including the race center (on Mt. Hood?).

I don´t know anymore which thread it was but try to search for it.
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A side-note on searching: "k2" is not a valid search term, presumably because it's too short.
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A side-note on searching: "k2" is not a valid search term, presumably because it's too short.
At epicski we promote a creativity and the possession of a thought process...
K2 skis
K2 race skis
K2 question
K2 information
05-06 K2 lineup
K2 lineup
etc. (don't search for etc.)



(I don't mean to offend, but I had to poke a little fun at that)
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Fine. I've made 834 posts, and started a whopping 13 threads. I won't start any more.
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Demoed k2 and volkl skies in whistler 3 years ago volkl skis 100x better than k2. I'm so bummed volkl was bought hopefully they keep the volkls they way they are!
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Hey guys, I am currently new to the forum and am looking for some advice. I am currently looking for a new pair of skiis for next season and am interested in the K2 Obsethed. What have you guys heard about them? Good? Bad?

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My advice would be to read all about them here: www.epicski.com/search.php


Nice bump of a 4 year old thread, btw.  Well done.

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I'm betting that bschneid found this old thread doing a search on K2


Here are a few threads that may help out

K2 Obsethed question

obsethed or katana?

Bindings for K2 Obsethed. 

Obsethed mounting point

Review: 179 Obsethed

179 Obsethed vs 183 Gotama



Welcome to EpicSki bschneid......hope these links help out, or that someone with knowledge will chime in.


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