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Salomon Scream 8 Pilot

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Just returned from a ski trip and had the opportunity to demo some skis. I skied the Scream 10 Pilot and liked what I found, but the guy in the shop suggested I also try the Scream 8 Pilot, because he felt I was somewhat light (145 pounds) for the 10. It was the end of the day, so I only skied three or four runs, but I enjoyed the ski. I looked on Peter Keelty's website for more info, and saw that he had it rated as more of an intermediate ski. I looked on the Footloose website, and they described it as a good ski for lighter advanced skiers (which is what I think I am) who might find the 10 too stiff. This pretty much agreed with the info the shop gave me. I'm concerned that this might not be enough ski for me (I'm 5'7" 140 pound advanced skier, 44 years old, ski most of the mountain, some groomed, some ungroomed). Anyone have any experience with this ski? Any advice? Thanks.
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Demoed both two years ago on and off-piste. The Scream 10 was stiffer and more bomber on hardpack, the Scream 8 was softer with a bit less edge grip but the better powder ski. However, at your weight don't be afraid to go with the Scream 8 according to the shop guy's advice.
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